I’m Hannah Armitage and welcome to my world.

I’m 31 years old, mum to my 11-year-old son Jack and live in Milton Keynes.
I love music, fashion, beauty and socialising, all of which is represented in my blog and Instagram @hannanarmtage 
I have always been loud and bubbly and the centre of attention, as my nan would describe. 

I’m a complete social butterfly, i love attending events, seeing friends, networking, just generally being around people.

I have always been a grafter and worked from a young age where ever I could! 
I started an exciting career in estate agency after leaving college and was progressing well within my career, then I received the surprising news that I was pregnant and my life changed!
My son came into this world and changed it forever! I never felt love like it! I always planned to be a working mum but during my maternity leave, I was made redundant! I literally had to start over again and began with a cleaning job.  I spent years job-hopping trying to find my perfect fit! Then in 2012, I entered the world of marketing and radio and never looked back! 

I have gone through traumatic life events that have shaped me into the person I am today and it’s all here for you to read on my blog. 

My Blog and Radio Show

In 2017 I decided to launch my own radio show Mums Life and a blog as a platform to share my life, After all my radio show was me interviewing local mums and them telling me their story, my blog was a chance for me to tell mine!

I started to promote my radio show and blog on social media and my following started to grow. Since launching myself as a blogger and radio presenter I have gone on to win MK inspirational radio presenter in 2018, Launched my own businesses, been asked to model for various photographers and businesses and spent 2019 filming for a TV show for channel 4 (details to follow).
My radio show, blog and social media has allowed me to collaborate, work and meet such amazing people. I love my Ever growing network! 

My businesses
HD Social- Online Marketing

With my marketing experience and success of my personal social media growth, I decided to launch my own marketing business in 2018.
I have worked with hundreds of business in Milton Keynes and others over the UK. I offer a range of online marketing services from social media management to training and website design! 
Check out my website 


In November 2018 I teamed up with local mum and entrepreneur Samantha Poole to launch Mum to Mum Mag! A local magazine for Milton Keynes, dedicated to the local people. Our magazine is released quarterly and distributed across MK at various collection points!
For more information on Mum to Mum Mag, head to the website.


My Why
My Why for everything I do is my son! Jack changed my life in 2018 and is my best friend, my sidekick, my WHY! I’m a single mum juggling parenthood and my many projects and business and doing the best I can. 

Follow me on Instagram, Have a read through my blog, and get in contact if you would like to discuss working together.

Lots of Love Hannah xxx