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A local magazine dedicated to the local people


In November 2018 Mum to Mum Mag was born.

Founded by Myself and Samantha Poole.

Sam is the owner of Mum to Mum UK offering local advertising to an online audience of over 15,000 local people. We came together to use our network and community of people to bring you MUM TO MUM MAG! 

Mum to Mum Mag is a Milton Keynes LOCAL and FREE magazine dedicated to the local people. Jam-packed with content, from stories, reviews and affordable advertising as well as other unique features such as the agony aunt page, Dear Carol, Horoscopes by local medium Maria Hickford, a mum planner of local events, articles for mums with children of all ages and so much more! A magazine readers can't put down!


The magazine is released quarterly and currently on issue 3. 

Distributing 8000 magazines across Milton Keynes at various collection points.

We also offer a digital version of each issue and a high presence on social media.


Founded by local mums Samantha Poole and Hannah Armitage.

The pair have built a large community and network across Milton Keynes with their various own ventures but came together to bring you Mum to Mum Mag.

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