• Hannah Armitage

Taking My Blogging Virginity!

First Let me introduce myself, my name is Hannah, I am single mum to an 8 year old boy called Jack, I work as a freelance radio presenter and of course have the full time job of being a mum.

Now the boring bit is out the way let’s talk about

What this is, what is Mum’s Life radio show & blog? Who am I? Why am I doing this?

Let me take you back 10 years, I was a 19 year old young girl with a very active social life, I loved to party, I had a good job and my whole life ahead of me. I was in a relationship which at the time I did think was serious, but looking back... is anything serious at 19? Well life got pretty serious over night for me when I found out I was pregnant with my son, Jack.

Jack was NOT planned, having children had not even crossed my mind and I was nowhere near ready to be a mum. But I had to grow up, adapt my life, and learn how to be a mum.

When I had jack, like any first time mum for the first few months I doted on him. I did everything 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!! I looked after Jack every day, ran a home and also looked after Dan, Jacks dad, who 90% of the time felt like my second child, which for me was a problem, Another problem I could not get over with Jack’s dad was the fact that when I was 8 months pregnant he cheated on me. I tried to forgive him and get over it because of Jack but when Jack was 5 months old I took leap of leaving Jack’s dad to make myself happy again and it was then I entered the world of being a single mum.

Since leaving Jack’s dad I have been in relationships but I have brought Jack up all by myself. Although his dad is in his life and has been since he was born, I feel I am responsible for the upbringing of this little boy. I have learnt so much over the past almost 9 years. I have made mistakes but equally I have had the best time of my life since becoming a mum. I have always said when you have a child your life should not necessarily change, the child should join your life; become a part of your life.

Before having Jack I was always career motivated, I had a really good job and was earning good money for a 19 year girl. When I fell pregnant it was around the time of the famous credit crunch and unfortunately after my maternity leave I was made redundant. I was a new mum and had to start my career all over again. I started literally at the bottom working as a part time cleaner when Jack was just 3 months old. I then went on to working as a waitress, then in a call centre for a bank, literally hopped from job to job till 3 years ago I was lucky enough to find a job that would change my life.

I applied for a marketing assistant role at a gambling company. I had no idea what I was doing, the brief even said ‘Marketing Degree Preferred’ but I still applied and somehow got the job. Getting that job was a massive boost of confidence for me, exactly what I needed.

The company I worked for owned a radio station and almost immediately I began my radio career on the side line. For one year I worked at my marketing job but also was offered my own radio show which I done every morning Monday to Friday. I had the best of both worlds, I was building a career in Marketing and I had a hobby I could do and get paid for, PERFECT!

Well it was perfect..... Eventually I started to fall in love with all things radio and found I was slacking on my marketing job, at this point I was offered to move over to working for the station full time as presenter and producer. I was over the moan with this new move in my career but underestimated the amount of work it would be.

I worked full time, my hours were never the same, I was practically running a radio station as well presenting on it over 12 hours a week. It was at this time I lost my relationship with my son, I knew the amount I was working would benefit him in the long run, but he practically lived with my Nan. I would pick him up after work and by the time I done all my evening routine it would be time for Jack to go to bed. Monday to Friday was like ground hog day;

-Wake up

-Go to Work

-Get Home

-Walk the dog

-Homework and housework


-Jacks bed time

-Couple of hours to myself before bed (if I didn’t fall asleep on the sofa)

-Get up and REPEAT

Then when it would come to a Saturday and Jack would go to visit his dad. I took that opportunity to enjoy a social life. Sometimes after a week of hard work I liked to see my friends and have a drink and let loose and I’m not ashamed to admit that, I didn’t want to sit in the house on my own, how lonely would that be? But the bottom line was I was working a lot and missing out on a lot of time with my son, time I will never get back!

The dream job I thought I had was soon not a dream job. It was so demanding I was doing even more hours than usual and I felt I was doing more work then I should be for my role. As well as the stress of my job at that time I also had a lot of issues going on in my personal life and I was dealing with a lot, I had to admit to myself I could not commit to a full time job.. It was then I made the decision to leave my role as producer and presenter, but in doing so it allowed me to become a freelance radio presenter. I still continued to present for the station on a self employed basis which allowed me to cut my working hours by over a third. This happened in July 2016 and since then I have enjoyed 3 school holidays with jack, been able to pick him up from school nearly every day and actually feel like a ‘proper mum’ .

In January 2017 I was offered the opportunity to join another radio station called Secklow Sounds, and have my own show called ‘Mums Life’ Because the show is on a local station it means I can involve local mums and it is also something I feel passionate about. I have been a mum and brought up a child on my own for nearly a decade. I have so many views, opinions and topics that I always think about in my head and talk to my friends about but that’s it! I try to avoid voicing my opinion on personal social media pages because when you put a status up your almost forcing people to read your opinion and you can come across arrogant or like you are indirectly digging someone out. But now with this new radio show I can finally talk about what I think but also talk to other people about what they think too. Hear different stories, debates; build a mum community in Milton Keynes.

The point of this blog is for mums everywhere to get involved in our community, not just mums from Milton Keynes. I am not forcing my opinions and topics on anyone, if you enjoy my blog then read it and if you don’t enjoy what I have to say, don’t read it. But I will always be honest; I will always listen to what anyone has to say and would never be judgmental. I think it great for mums to have different ways of parenting and to think differently, but I also think it important for things like that to be shared. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs we will ever have so why not enjoy it and learn from others, especially if we can learn things that will make our job as a Mum easier.

On this site you will be able to listen to my radio shows, read blogs about my radio shows, view pictures and videos, get in contact with me, read my blogs about being a mum and about other things I enjoy not so mumsy, such as beauty, fashion and lifestyle

I am hoping there are some mums out there I can relate to and enjoy what I have to say, believe me it’s a lot. I now have the time to dedicate to this blog it’s now my baby and I can’t wait to watch it grow. Hoping some mummies come back again and watch it grow with me.

Don’t forget to follow my social media pages for all updates on my radio and blog.

My first live radio show is launching on 2nd March, there will another blog live in the next few days with all details about the show.

Lots of Love

Hannah xxx