• Hannah Armitage

The launch of Mum's Life Radio Show!

On Thursday 2nd March I launched the first ever Mum’s Life radio show and all I can say is WOW!

It went amazing! We had so many tune in live for the first show and since we have had many more listeners listen to the show.

Being a professional radio presenter for the past 3 years you would think that I found this easy, but believe me the nerves I faced on the lead up to the show were ridiculous. I was so scared to let people down or disappoint people. But all I can say is thank you to everyone who supported the first show you are amazing people!

The show is LIVE every Thursday 1pm- 3pm...Whatever we talk about on the show will also be blogged about and available here on my website a few days later. You can also listen to all my shows on this website by clicking the radio tab and choosing which show you want to listen to, they are all dated.

Now let’s talk about the first show. I was overwhelmed with the support, the people tuning in and getting involved on Facebook and even more overwhelmed at the support I had following the show, the messages and everything meant too much, a lot of hard work has gone into this show and blog so it is really exciting to see it all coming together, finally.

The first Mum’s Life show I wanted to be abit of a chat show feel... I wanted to let the listeners know what to expect from my weekly show. We spoke about some of the topics I am looking to cover on my show and the confirmed guest due on future shows.

There are lots of topics I want to cover, such as:

-Young Mums

-Working Mums

-Stay at Home Mums

-Single Mums

-Married Mums

-Getting Fit

-Staying sane

-More than one child




-Local Activates

-Social Life

-Social Media

-Babies and Business

-What to do, where to go


-News Stories


-Chats with local business’ that my mum listeners may be interested in

If you would like to be a guest to come in and talk about any of the subjects above, or you think there is a subject I have not mentioned but should be covered, again GET IN TOUCH! I want to hear from you because Mum’s Life radio show is for all you reading this, for mums, and like I keep saying....to help build a Mum Community.

My guest for the first half of the show was Katie Gunn, Katie is a single mum to two and a very good friend of mine who has been through a lot in her life but came out the other side. She came on to introduce herself because in the future she will be coming on my show to talk about fitness. As we spoke about on the show some mothers can find it hard to fit in any sort if fitness routine into their life so what Katie is going to do for you mums moving forward is record some Home work out films which you can do when you have a spare ten minutes, or your babies sleeping, whenever you can squeeze it in. Katie will be back on the show in a couple of weeks so keep a look out.

My second guest on my show was a Family Friend, Ashlee. Ashlee is currently Miss Chichester Galaxy and is hoping to get the title Miss Galaxy UK. Which would then lead her to going over to the states to compete against the world? She wanted to come on my show for some exposure and so I can hopefully help her win!

For Ashlee to win her heat she needs to do three things.

  1. Win the Miss Popularity contest. To do this she just needs the most ‘likes’ on her Facebook picture. If anyone reading this could just click on the link below and simply press like that would be a massive help.


2. Raise Money for the Christie Trust, which is a charity that helps cancer suffered and their families. From Children to Adults, cancer can affect us in anyway so if you can even spare £1 to help her reach her target it would be much appreciated. You can donate on the link below.


  1. Ashlee is looking for sponsor ship and as she said on my Show she would rather have a small run business sponsor her as she supports smaller businesses. This could be great exposure for any company as Ashlee could be off to the states with your name attached to her. Any of my lovely mums run a business this is the message from Ashlee...

‘If anyone wants their business put with my official Galaxy profile on their website, plus all my press work and anything I do associated with Miss Galaxy, as well as my own social media and YouTube channel. I will also be an ambassador for them for a whole year, so any events, promotional parties or press etc, I would be involved with pushing their business to a national level. If they want to sponsor or partly sponsor (so share the sponsorship with another company) the full sponsorship fee is £310 plus VAT (£64 – making the total £374). If they choose not to do a full sponsorship they can do a quarter or half sponsorship for either (£93.50 for a quarter or £187 for a half sponsorship)’

If you would like to sponsor Ashlee then please get in contact with me and I will pass on you details to her.

The first Mum’s Life show was a massive success and this is just the beginning. I hope I have the support from everyone moving forward.

Lots of confirmed exciting guest still to come on the show over the next few weeks from business’ to GP’s and even a head teacher of a primary school will be coming on to ask all of YOUR questions!

Remember to follow my social media pages to keep up to date with everything on the show.

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Instagram: @hannaharmitage

Email: Hannah@secklowsounds.org

To listen to Thursdays show, simply click on the Radio Tab link on this website and follow the link to my show dated 2/3/2017.

Lots of Love

Hannah xx