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Now if you have been following my social media pages you will know Mum's Life is working along side the Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards which is taking place in June 2017.

I will attend this amazing red carpet, black tie event and do a full blog piece on the evening I also get meet and interview inspiring Mums nominated for awards, after all I have gone on and on about how Mum’s Life radio show is all about Mum’s inspiring each other so I am really excited to be a part of something so positive in Milton Keynes.

From now until the awards in June, my radio show is going to be having a range of guests that are nominated for awards. From Mums of nominees, to nominees who are mums.

On Thursday 4th May I welcomed my first nominated Mum, Rachel Scotney. Now I had already spoke with Rachel about coming on my show before she was nominated so I collaborated a business & babies show with talking about her nomination for the Inspiration Awards.

Rachel told us her story and how she built her business. She is a single mum to two teenagers and has worked so hard to build such a successful business in Milton Keynes, with clients from all over the UK including celebrities.

Rachel told me how she was married very young at 18, 5 years later she split from her husband and decided she wanted to go back to university to study in the medical industry. She spent a year doing an access course at Milton Keynes College. She then went to Northampton University for 3 years to get a degree in Nursing.

Rachel started working in Milton Keynes A & E for four years but she was relying on her mum so much for childcare. The shift work mixed her days up. She spent all her time working and had no balance to her life. She decided that she needed to find that balance again and wanted to start her own business. Rachel decided she wanted to go down the Aesthetic route. Rachel quit her job and went into agency work all over the country in different A & E’s this allowed her to work better hours and make money to pay for her training in Aesthetic. She done this for a year and built up her knowledge in Aesthetic Nursing, Then in December 2015 she launched her very own clinic. She could then dedicate her time to her own business in making people feel pretty.

Since then her business has boomed, she has celebrity clients, people who travel from all over the UK to have treatments from Rachel and I would say the most well known Aesthetic clinic in Milton Keynes with a massive social media following, and Rachel does all of this on her own!

Her business ethic has not gone unnoticed in Milton Keynes and she has been nominated for two awards at the Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards. She is up for upcoming entrepreneur and Best local Business.

Rachel offers many different anti ageing treatments at her clinic...From chemical peels to sweat management, Botox to lip fillers and much more. Take a look at her social media pages to see everything she offers and take a look at her work, she is an artist.

During the radio show I done a questions and answers that people had sent in about Botox ect. To listen to Rachel’s interview and the question and answers on aesthetic treatments simply click on the RADIO tab and listen to the show dated 04/05/2017.

To contact Rachel please send her a message via one of her social media pages and she will happily answer any questions you may have.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RefinedConcept/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/florence_ray/?hl=en

I have been one of the people who have been umming and arring about getting lip fillers. For almost two years, I have gone to do it and then backed out at last minute, but after my interview with Rachel I think I am finally going to do it and cannot wait to let Rachel loose on my lips. I will be doing a full blog on the treatment so keep a look out.

Lots Of Love