• Hannah Armitage

The Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards 2017 (event blog)

A few weeks back one of my lovely guests on Mum's Life radio show put me in touch with the organiser of the Milton Keynes Inspiration awards. I was so keen to be part of such an amazing event because that is what Mum's Life is all about. Inspirational people that deserve recognition.

The managing director and person behind the awards is Tee Minya. He is part of a dance group called nemesis who were in the final of Britains Got Talent in 2008.

Since BGT Tee travels all over the country performing, teaching dance and judging. But his home is Milton Keynes and over the years has seen that there are so many amazing people In the city that deserve to be recognised. That is when the MK inspiration awards idea came to life.

Back in January 2017 Tee made the website and started the MK Inspiration awards Facebook page. The Facebook page is where the nomination process took place, there were 32 awards split into 10 Categories. The People of MK nominated who they thought were worthy of a specific award. The winners of each award were all chosen by the community. And announced on the night.

Mum's life involvement in the awards was concentrating on the Mums. This included nominated mums, mums of children nominated ect.

On the weeks leading up to the event I interviewed many AMAZING people. It got me so excited for the event itself and loved the fact that on the evening I knew so many faces.

The night was brilliant for networking, although I spent a lot of time with the people I have met over the last few weeks, I also met lots of other people who can hopefully come on my show in the future.

The awards took place on Saturday 10th June and the whole night was incredible! It was a really humbling feeling, being in a room with so many inspiring people. Everyone was so friendly and so happy, the energy was just perfect.

Here are some pictures of me with some of the guests who have come on Mum's Life radio show.

The evening was not short on entertainment with 5 fashion shows throughout the night directed by CISIMODA.

There was also a range of Performances from; The Shures of X Factor, Leanne Theatre school of dance, Stephan Dante and the awards performance group which consisted of young nominees Bianca, Benji, Sophie, Saloni and Brooke Layla who is currently on The Voice Kids.

The last performance was by KNE which is made up of Kyle from famous r'n'b group Fundamental and Nemesis dance group. I have to say all performances were outstanding Milton Keynes is filled with so much talent!

Of course through out the night was the most important part of the night...THE AWARDS!!

A massive well done to all the winner and nominees!


Sports Category:

Top sportswoman- Emily Grimes Top sportsmans- Aydan Hassan Inspiring Sports team: Woburn & Wavendon football club Top female trainer- Silvana Peillis Top male trainer- Mikee PT Carrara

Acting Category:

Top upcoming actress- Makenna Guyler

Top upcoming actor- Thomas William Cove

Best Short Film- Leah Oliver

Top theatre group- Leanna Hughes

Education Category:

Inspiring teacher- Frances Thornton

Inspiring School- Great Linford Primary School

Inspiring Student- Kiera Baird

Emergency Services Category:

Top Inspiring female/male- Kelly Maynard

Inspiring Department - MK A&E

Charities Category:

Outstanding local charity- Henry Allen Trust

Business Category:

Upcoming entrepreneur- Rachel Scotney

Upcoming Local Business- Jog My Dog

Most charitable business- Corina Cleavers mascot and costume hire.

Dancing Category:

Upcoming male dancer- Benjy Stevens

Upcoming female dancer- Mia Newby

Upcoming dance group- Chases Crew

Upcoming dance school- Coles Forsyth Dane academy

Music Category:

Upcoming female artist- Saloni Boyina

(2nd place Brooke Layla)

Upcoming male artist- Bailey McConnell

(2nd place Roddy Stewart)

Upcoming duo/band- The Shures

Best music video- Judgment by Gaby Polcino

Radio presenter/DJ/Producer- Nancy Stevens

Inspired Category:

Inspirational young person- Chloe Roberts

inspirational Man- Andrew John French

inspirational Woman- Corina Cleaver

Additional Awards:

Most supportive business- MKFM, Good Response and Arzoo & Karl

Upcoming Inspirational person (directors choice)- Bianca Richards & Sophie Gurney.

Tickets were open to the general public and sold out weeks before the event. Over 300 people attending.

Guests of the evening included The Mayor of Milton Keynes.

Sponsors of the event MKFM, MAAYA, Good Response, Stanley Richards and The Grange.

Dawn Clark the fundraising manager of Willen Hospice.

Willen Hospice were the official charity of the awards and On the night a yacht auction and raffle managed to raise £4030 for the charity.

The yacht auction was a brilliant part of the night! I was on the table next to Corina Cleaver who was bidding her heart out and eventually she won it! I was buzzing for her.

Now I enjoyed the whole night from start to finish but I definitely had some highlights.

-First was watching the young nominees do the awards performance. These kids didn't know each other before the awards and managed to put together a performance mixed with singing and dancing showcasing their talent! And wow what talent they all had! It was lovely to see the bond these kids have built.

-Next was when Corina Cleaver won the award for 'inspirational woman' when she went on stage she refused the award and asked Odette Mould to join her on stage. Odette has been in my radio show before. She is the mother to Harry who sadly passed away when he was 5 because of asthma. She now Runs Harry's Rainbow and is such a lovely woman.

Corina believed that Odette deserved that award and handed it over to her! It was honestly such a beautiful moment I was in tears! Two amazing women!

(I was far to emotional to get a picture of this)

-Another highlight was the performance by KNE, I was always a fan of Nemisis when they appeared of BGT but seeing them up close and now with the added vocals, the performance was incredible! They now have a new fan and you should defiantly check these guys out (links below)

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kne_official_uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KNEofficial/

YouTube: KNE official

-My next highlight was when a regular on my show, Andy Whyte attended the awards in his 'belonged up cap'. Andy runs Buggy Bootcamp in MK and If you know Andy you rarely see him without a cap on him. He said if over 150 people liked a post on Facebook he would attend the awards in his cap. The Facebook post manged to reach over 200 likes and Andy stuck to his end of the deal. Looking Dapper Andy!

-Last but defiantly not least a massive highlight for me was spending time with an amazing little girl called Sophie Gurney. Sophie's mum, Lyndsey came on my radio show to talk about what sophie has been though. One year ago this brave little girl aged just 11 years old, shaved all her hair off to donate to the Princess Trust and walk along children with cancer. On the same weekend she ran race for Life. Her mum called this weekend 'Sophie's Big Weekend'. Unfortunately she returned to school after her big weekend to being bullied because of her hair. This bullying has got so severe and is still happening now one year later. Sophie is soon moving school to start fresh new life. On the night of the awards sophie performed a dance and won an award and seeing her confidence bloom was so so lovely. The bullying has striped sophie of all her confidence and she spends a lot of time locked away in her bedroom. This night she realised how amazing she is, she saw how many people loved her and hopefully this is a step towards her being happy again. She is such a beautiful kind girl and she has stole my heart. I will do my best to continue supporting her.

Overall the first ever MK inspiration awards was a massive success. Thank you to Tee for letting me apart of it and thank you to all the radio guests who have appeared on Mum's Life.

Another special thanks goes to my right arm on the night Katie. My helper, my date, my beautiful friend.

The Milton Keynes Inspiration awards will be back again in 2018. The nomination process will begin in January 2018. Please follow the Facebook page for all updates.


More Photos of the evening can be found on my Facebook page-


Managing director of the awards Tee comments;

'A big thank you to everyone that attended the awards ceremony, the atmosphere was great. I was mainly really happy with the family atmosphere the whole evening had. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. My assistants, sister, models, designers, make up & hair, supporters, the mayor and of course the people of Milton Keynes. A big well done the all the people nominated and who won. I want everyone to remember this was not a competition but an opportunity to recognise inspirational people.

Thank you to the sponsors of this years event; MKFM, Jury's Inn, Eazy Guide, Beauty & Wellbeing, MAAYA, The Grange, Arzoo Print, David Rae and Stanley Richards'