• Hannah Armitage

The Importance of 'ME' time- My trip to IBIZA!!

So it has been a while since I posted my last blog. To be honest I have been soooo busy!! Mum’s Life has really taken off, my radio show and blog have got some really exciting things coming up in the near future. Along with Mum's Life I have my radio jobs I contract on and of course being a mummy is my most important job. Blogging has sort of took a back seat.

I have been so run down a holiday was just what I needed.

A few days ago I returned from my girly holiday in IBIZA!!

As a mother sometimes holidays without your children can be 'frowned upon' however ME time is something I have always felt is important.

Anyway 6 girls jetted off to the party island of Ibiza for 5 crazy days. It really was amazing I had the time of my life and I felt like an 18 year old again.

It's really weird going away as a parent but not actually feeling like a parent while being away. I mean I will always be a mummy but when you’re on a party holiday with 5 other girls who don't have children it's easy to get use to the ‘no child lifestyle’.

4 nights and 5 days was more than enough for my no child lifestyle.

By day 3 I was feeling my age and ready to go home. I was soooo ready to get back to being a mummy and having responsibilities. My body felt so tired and although at the beginning of the holiday I felt like I was an 18 year old. By day 3 I felt like an 80 year old.

But while I was away I realised the importance of ME time, the importance of finding yourself again.

When you have a child it's so easy to forget about yourself and concentrate everything you have on your child. Some parents forget about the person they was before they became a parent which then means you are not showing your children the real fabulous you.

I have ALWAYS allowed me time and I think personally that's made me a better parent. I know when to switch from mummy mode to work mode. Or from silly Hannah mode back to mummy mode.

Since I had Jack 9 years ago I have been on girls holidays, holidays with boyfriends and even family adult holidays. But I have also taken Jack away many times.

I am always fair when it comes to holidays. If I have a holiday without Jack I make sure I have a holiday with Jack too, that way he doesn’t miss out and I get my much needed ME time.

But truth is this holiday was not on my to-do list for 2017, I wasn't going to treat myself this year. Going self-employed and with lots going on this year including a holiday with Jack I just couldn’t justify a girls holiday too. However my AMAZING friends booked me on as a surprise and I am so grateful they did. I had the best time with the best girls and made forever memories.

Although there was lots of partying, drinking and not much sleeping there was also a lot of time spent just appreciating some peace and not living by a schedule.

Back home my life is pretty hectic. I am working to pay my bills, while trying to build an empire and raise a young boy. But while in Ibiza my biggest worry was if I applied enough sun cream (which I didn't and burnt my back on the last day)

I missed Jack like crazy but nowadays with FaceTime, texting and phone calls so easily accessible I got to speak to him all the time and he LOVED staying with his nanna and getting spoilt rotten so I feel no guilt in enjoying my girly holiday

When the holiday was over I couldn't wait to get home to my baby and dog and cuddle on my sofa! I love holidays but I am defiantly a homely person and 5 days away from my day to day routine is enough.

When you love what you do and the life you have, coming home from a holiday is just as exciting as going on the holiday itself. When I returned from Ibiza I spent hours cuddling my babies on my sofa, watching movies, making up for lost time. It was lovely, it's my happy place.

Whether it be a holiday, a night with the girls or just bath in peace with no distractions always try to allow yourself some ME time.

Time to reflect on the things you have achieved so far and the things you want to achieve in the future...

I am now on the countdown to my next holiday but this time with my Jack.

Life is all about balance, if you can find a good balance in life you will have a happy life.

Lots of Love

Hannah xxxx