• Hannah Armitage

The Network Hustle MK (event blog)

On Thursday 12th October I attended The Network Hustle which took place at Revolutions MK.

This event was a chance for young and upcoming entrepreneurs be together in one room. To share business ideas, concepts and innovations with each other.

I had never been to a networking event before so I was really excited to meet other like minded people and also see if there was anyone that could help me in my business.

The event was organised by Tee Munya, Elroy Welsh and Anderson Da Silva.

When I arrived at the event I was told to write down my name, email address and business/interests, then given a name badge and handed over a glass of bubbly, perfect start to the night. 

To be honest I wasn’t sure if the event would benefit me, I don’t have a business where I sell a product or a service. My business is myself, as a radio presenter and blogger, I wasn't sure how anyone in this room could help??

For the first 20 minutes of the event there was just people mingling. I saw some faces from Milton Keynes I already knew so approached them first. I then found myself talking to people I had never met about their business’ and things they were up to, everyone was so friendly.

We was then told it was time for speed networking, like speed dating. 

You was given a number, either 1 or 2. The 1's would sit down while the 2's would move around from person to person. You had 2 minutes to talk to each person and see if there was anyway you could assist each other. Like I said before I wasn’t sure if this is something that could benefit me, however I met people who can come on my radio show and who are interested in collaborations on my blog, so I defiantly benefited from this event. 

I didn’t get to speak to everyone on the speed networking game but I think it was a brilliant idea because if that game would not have happened i don’t think I would have spoke to as many people as I did.

After the speed networking game an amazing young man called  Manni got up on stage to sing for us.

He was amazing such a beautiful voice and just showcasing what hidden talent MK have! 

The mayor of Milton Keynes, Councillor David Hopkins also attended the event, along with the Mayoress. 

I got to speak to them both, they was really interested in what everyone was doing with their business’ in MK.

Especially interested in the blogging industry which was all new to them.

He then stood up a gave a short speech about supporting small business’ and how important events like this are. 

He was so right and gave a very inspiring speech. 

I always imagined networking events being very corporate and serious and dare I say it.... boring! But this was far from boring and so beneficial! 

The turn out for the first event was brilliant, I’m looking forward to the next one and sure there will be even more people there to network with.

Since the event three people have secured a mentor and potentially financial support to start their business idea!

Tee Minya comments: 

‘I believe that this type of event was long overdue for the creatives and small business owners of Milton Keynes. Im am really happy that people came out and made some great connections. The words form the Mayor councillor David Hopkins was very inspiring and overall I couldn’t be happier with the way the event turned out. People came who had only just moved to Milton Keynes and made not only business connections but also friends. People were able to share future ideas and find potential partners to work with and that was the intended result’ 

Anderson Da Silva comments;

‘When Elroy spoke to me about putting on this event I thought it was a great idea and something Milton Keynes was missing. It was good to see so many people in the room creating connections and the feedback was amazing - well done to the three who secured mentor ship and financial support to start their businesses. Thank you to everyone who came and see you again at The next event will be in February!' 

Please follow the Facebook page for The Networking Hustle it will have the information on there of the next event in February, which is not to be missed! 


If you are thinking of starting a business, have already started a business or just want to meet some inspiring people and have a nice evening out then you need to make sure you attend the next one. 

Hannah xxx