• Hannah Armitage

Introducing HA Social.

Before I start, I would just like to point out how rubbish I have been with my blogging recently. I have been so busy with what this blog is all about, my blog has sort of took a back seat. But that’s all gonna change!

On February 24th I spoke at the networking event, Diamond and Deals. This unique event celebrates women in business and is run by a very inspiring businesswoman from Milton Keynes called Gemma Burkinell.  We met through mums life last year but since has become a friend and solid business contact. Gemma asked me if I would be a speaker at Diamonds & Deals, to stand up and talk in front of a room full of ladies about myself and my business and the fears I have overcome. I felt so honoured that my work this last year was being recognised but also worried. Don't get me wrong, I love talking, however, there were other speakers who were highly successful businesswoman why would anyone want to hear my story? Well, the event was a massive success. I actually inspired people with my talk and was so inspired myself, by every single person I met (blog post on the event coming soon) After speaking at Diamonds and Deals and sharing my journey, I realised iv never really explained it to everyone else. The people who have supported and followed me the last year.

This blog post explains my journey, my business, and intorduce you to HA Social 

I should have really written this before the event my speech would have been much better! 

So let me take you back a few years....

In August 2015, I took the leap and became a self-employed freelance radio presenter.

For 5 years I had worked for a gambling/radio company  doing marketing, radio presenting and production. I was an employee on a salary working full time. My love for radio presenting was apparent and I knew that I wanted to get my voice out there and work for myself. Then in August 2015, I left my full time job to become a freelance radio presenter. This was a really scary move, to be honest. Having no guaranteed salary every month, no holiday pay, no sick pay, doing my own taxes. WOW I really felt like a grown-up. I freelanced for my previous employees and could earn my full-time wage working just 15 hours a week. All the spare time meant I could enjoy being a mum, doing the school run and spending the holidays with my son. I could also use the time my son was at school to try to build my radio career. My goal was to get my voice onto an FM station.

I reached my goal within a few months and in March 2017 I launched Mum’s Life Radio Show & Blog. A weekly radio show broadcast on Secklow FM. I built my own website where I could share all the radio show information and blog about my life as a mum.

This was on a volunteer basis but I knew it would help me get recognised as a radio presenter and open some doors for me. I also knew it would expand my radio skills.

I was highly experienced in presenting radio shows by myself for a specific audience and talking into a microphone making converation with myself.

Mum’s Life would be my own show. The content was all my ideas, I was responsible for choosing guests, topics and interviewing people. I had little experience interviewing people, especially when covering sensitive subjects that I knew would occur.

Since the launch of Mum’s Life last year I have worked so hard to continue improving the show and give the listeners what they want, ALL the hard work is paying off!

Mum’s Life quickly became the most popular show on Secklow 105.5FM. I have thousands of listeners, a waiting list to be a guest on the show and more recently Mum’s Life gained sponsorship. Mum’s Life Radio Show is now sponsored by the biggest mum network in Milton Keynes, Mum to Mum. 

When not presenting Mum’s Life I freelance as a radio presenter. I am self-employed and work for myself so knew I wanted to be more than just a radio presenter. I wanted to be a brand, I wanted to have a business. I wanted to combine my skills. I just didn't really know how to do any of it.

So for a few months, I just carried on doing what I was doing. Building Mum’s Life while working freelance on the weekends.

Over those months Mum’s life got more popular, I was meeting so many amazing people and my social media following was growing quickly.I started to get offered jobs that weren't necessarily in the ‘mum niche’ or even connected to Mum’s Life. From hosting at dog festivals to event blogging for award ceremonies. To reviewing treatments and products for companies. I also started to use my marketing background to run companies social media accounts and blogs.

Then in December 2017, I was contacted by someone who I met through mums life who had previously employed me to blog for him on a few occasions, he loved my way of writing and could see I had good connections in Milton Keynes. I was told that they were launching a new fashion/beauty and lifestyle magazine in Milton Keynes and asked me if I would like to be involved, researching topics and possibly even writing a few articles. I left the meeting feeling so excited. This was such a massive opportunity for me. I needed to show them what I had to offer! I had a million ideas for the magazine, I started to jot them all down but knew they wouldn't like them all. A week later I met back with the chief editors. I showed them all of my ideas and to my surprise, they loved every single one and asked me to be the executive editor and head researcher for the magazine. I was ecstatic!!! Being self-employed landing another freelance contract was such an achievement. 

It was at this point I realised I was more than ‘Hannah- Mums Life’ I was Hannah!!! Mum’s Life was just one part of what I was doing.

So at the end of 2017 I decided to rebrand, I changed my website name and launched my business HA SOCIAL.

The start of 2018 was mad busy for me. I dived headfirst into my magazine work making connections,  interviewing people, as well as doing lots of market research and writing up the articles. I also had to rebuild my new website and work on my business plan for HA Social, plus I still had Mum’s Life every week, my freelance radio work, social media clients and doing things completely out of my comfort zone like photoshoots in London... Not forgetting my most important job of being a mum to my Jack.

I am only now just starting to find my feet and have some sort of routine in my life. Launching a business is hard and scary! Especially because the business I was launching was me... I knew there would be haters!!  BUT I had such a lovely response and have already collaborated with some amazing companies with lots more in the pipeline.

HA Social has many layers to it, combining my range of skills to offer services. From radio presenting to voice acting, blogging to marketing, hosting to social influencing,

All details of my services can be found on the services tab.

We are only in March and so much has happened already, I am so excited for the rest of the year.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me on my journey the last year. Everyone I have met has had an impact and helped me grow. I love you all. Watch this space.....

If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact. 

Lots Of Love

Hannah xxx