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Back to Paper- Trying to organise my life.....

Does anyone else overload their head with things to do and places to be? Always with intensions of writing it down somewhere so you don't forget, but then ironically forgetting to actually write it down.

Or maybe you use your notepad and calendar on your phone in the hope that because you're on it so much, it will remind you. But unless you're looking at that note or that date on the calendar, it is easily missed,

Or you could just rely on the people around you to be organised and remind you of important things.

I hold my hands up and admit, I do all three on a weekly.....OK daily basis.

This started to affect not just my business and personal life but also in my life as a mum...Forgetting dress up days at school, or friends birthday parties, the list goes on and on and on....

I never use to be unorganised. In fact, I was the ‘organised’ one of my friends! However, the busier I have got over the last few years, the more unorganised I have got. I genuinely understand why people hire personal assistants! If I could afford one I would definitely be hiring one.

I needed to make a change, and I was fully aware of that, organised Hannah needed to come back, but I didn't really know where to start....

I recently had a business meeting with Samantha Poole from Mum to Mum MK (https://miltonkeynesmums.co.uk)

Sam is my sponsor of Mum's Life Radio Show and a fellow single mum trying to run a business.

I showed up for the meeting with my Mac (that wasn't charged) and my phone.

While she had her Mac, phone, notepads, diary, to do lists, all spread across the table. I was in awe, thinking I wish I was as organised as that!

I explained to Sam how I am getting so busy and things are getting on top of me.

I am running a social media business, presenting live on radio 12 hours a week, blogging, writing for a magazine, along with, being a single mum, running a house, looking after my dog ect ect.

Sam put me in touch with Sarah from got2jot.

Got2jot is an online shop that sells a huge range of fashionable stationary, from pens and notepads to motivational cards and much more!

Sarah uses her beautiful stationary to encourage people to go back to paper....

I met with Sarah the next week and told her all about my manic life and she supplied me with the perfect start up pack to organise my life again.


Firstly a note pad for my personal life.

Shopping lists



Jacks school reminders

Anything that is not work related basically.​

Then I got a notepad for my business. My work is really what I am struggling to juggle right now. Everything has taken off in such a great way but I am only one person trying to juggle so much. Being organised would make my life alot easier.

Sarah directed me to her blog post about making my own bullet journal (click here to read)

After following her blog directions, I made my very own bullet journal..

A bullet journal is basically a customised diary that is set out exactly how I need it to be. I found it quite relaxing drawing out the template for each week.

Unlike a diary you can add your own parts. I have each day of the week on one page where I will write my weekly work tasks...If I complete the tasks, I will cross them out. If I don't I will draw an arrow next to it and move it to the following week and prioritise it. Hopefully meaning I won't get behind with work and can stay on top of my tasks.

I also got a very cute pen.

2 sets of motivational cards.

Weekly to do list which sits on my desk at home.

It’s been just over one week since meeting with Sarah and receiving my bits from got2jot and I can honestly say it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I even organised all the folders and documents on my Mac!

I feel like a new woman.

I have also managed to get much more work done in the last week and have some me time, so being organised it actually helping me with my business.

The Motivational cards I was given has got to be one of my favourite products! Some of my favourites I plan to frame and display in my new office area at home.

Others I set out each morning to inspire me for the day ahead.

There is so much you can get from Got2jot they even supply stationary for kids.

If your scatty and unorganised, like myself, why not taking these simple steps and go back to paper. It may help you organise your life, too.

Take a look at the bits, they have on their website.


Got2Jot is celebrating National Stationery week with a competition on her Social Media give her a follow for your chance to win!!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/got2jot/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/got2jot/

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