• Hannah Armitage

Holiday Shopping on a Budget!


Well for me anyway! 

My first summer holiday of 2018 is just a few days away and I am ready with my brand new holiday wardrobe! 

I love holiday shopping!!

I admit, I am one of them Girls who cannot be seen in the same outfit twice in a short period of time. 

OK I could switch up the skirt and top combo, but wearing the same dress is a no from me! 

This isn’t even me being snobby. I genuinely love the feeling I get when I put on a new outfit and I want that feeling on holiday! 

Buying new clothes for my holiday could be expensive, But not for me! I am a bargain hunter and have learnt some Money saving tips that allow me to buy a whole new wardrobe for my time away.

I have to point out I do most of my shopping online! For two reasons!

One, I’m so busy I don’t have time to go shopping and properly look so I usually impulse buy.

Two, when shopping locally you are usually shopping with lots of other girls and it’s easy to end up in the same outfit as the girl across the bar from you! 

Online shopping has much more choice and allows you to be more unique with your outfits! 

Now let’s get back to holiday shopping talk! I’m gonna tell you how I prepare and buy my clothes for a holiday! 

First things first, when packing your holiday wardrobe you need to PLAN. 

Plan all your outfits, For night and day!

On the lead up to this holiday I split my shopping to spread the cost and plan when it would be worn.

For example, I would buy a dress and think that’s day two. A week later I might buy a skirt and top for day three. 

I even planned my bikinis!! Wear the darker coloured ones at the beginning of the holiday and the brighter or white one at the end to really show off my tan! 

I Mix and match some bikinis, allowing me to have a different look every day for by the pool! 

Now the Next thing is SHARING! 

Where possible it’s great to share clothes on holiday. Whether you are going with your family or friends, if it’s someone similar size to you ask them what they are taking. Things like sarongs/kimonos, for by the pool you could swap. Ask them what they are taking, get them to send you some photos and see what you could potentially borrow and vice versus. 

They may have a garment that you would have spent money on to wear for one day.

My mum is coming on this holiday so I will be borrowing some things from her!

Start shopping early! 

 Your holiday shopping should as early as possible, Even if you haven’t booked yet but are planning to book.  

I start the minute shops start selling the new SS lines. If you panic buy just before your holiday your using money you could be spending on holiday! 

Find the bargains and spread the cost! 

I follow all my favorite online shops on all social media and sign up to receive promotions and discount codes! 

Recently my favourite shop that offers great discounts mainly through text, is  I Saw It First ! Sometimes upto 75% off! They have a massive range of clothes at already a reasonable price. Then adding a discount code, you cannot go wrong!

Summer is little dress season! Dresses perfect for holidays that are lightweight and don’t take up much room in your suitcase.  Some sites offer special promotions like 50 dresses for £5!

I found a couple of great dresses for just £5 on pretty little thing  and Missguided  I don’t mind that I will only wear them once at that price! 

 I am currently loving Auroras Angels,

This website offers sassy unique clothes and always has great discounts! They currently have 30% off their holiday shop!

I also regularly use ASOS , Boohoo  and nasty gal . 

Now for my favourite shopping secret... eBay!!! Il use eBay when I have a random outfit idea and have time to search for the look I am imagining! 

For example if I fancy abit of retail therapy and just want to scroll through until something pops out to me, I will go to my favourite online shops I have already mentioned. 

But sometimes I will see a celebrity with an outfit I love or il get a random idea in my head, or I’m after something specific, like a white denim ripped skirt... 

I will then search for that item on eBay and 9 times out of ten I can find it for the wholesale price these online shops pay. It’s more work and time but if you have the time you save the money. 

It’s good for holiday shopping because if you use my previous tip and PLAN then you can search for outfits you want to wear. 

Now to talk about preowned clothes! 

Sometime people don’t like the thought of wearing something second hand, however this is how I look at it...

The people I follow on depop are just like myself. They don’t like to wear outfits over and over so once it’s been worn they sell it on...

I also sell some of my clothes on depop, if I know I will never wear that dress again it just taking up a hanger in my wardrobe, the hangers are like gold dust! Plus the money I make contributes towards my next shopping spree. 

There is nothing wrong with preowned clothes if they have been looked after.

I use to quite enjoy looking in charity shops! I have found some amazing designer pieces before, but unfortunately now I just don’t have to time! 

Online shopping literally saves me! 

For nearly all the shops I have mentioned I have an app on my phone for. I follow them all on social media and sign up for all the promotional emails and texts. Trust me if your looking to save money you need to do the same! 

I always have wish lists which is great if I see things I want but don’t really need. There is usually a time I will need it and it can easily be found in my wish list. 

I hope my tips help you prepare for your upcoming summer holiday, or even just help you with your shopping addiction and save you money!

Now I need to go and pack my suitcase with all my new clothes. 

Follow my Instagram @hannaharmitage to see me in my bargain purchases while on holiday. 4 sleeps to go!!

Lots of love 

Hannah x