• Hannah Armitage

Virtual reality gaming at RUSH VR Milton KeynesYou

Myself and my sponsor Sam from Mum to Mum MK were invited to take our boys, Jack & Harvey, to try the new virtual reality arcade RUSH VR located in the Xscape building, Milton Keynes! 

This activity was perfect for our sons, aged 10 & 11. 

They both enjoy playing games on their consoles at home, but this would take gaming to the next level...

Virtual reality is not something that I am really interested to be honest. I don’t enjoy playing game consoles. 

The only game I know how to play is Crash Bandicoot, and am rubbish at that. However, I definitely wanted to give VR gaming ago myself.  We couldn’t let the kids have all the fun.

Virtual reality gaming is where a person can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with that environment during a game. 

So basically it is literally like you are inside the game. 

When I walked into RUSH VR my first thought was, it looks really bare.

Then I quickly realised that VR equipment is Small, the main thing you need is the headset. You need space to move around and fully enjoy the experience. 

RUSH VR have allowed sufficient space for each game/section.

Now let's talk about the sections. Firstly we tried the VR MAZE. This was just literally a big empty box. The staff dress you in a backpack, gloves, headphone and headset. You're then guided on how to use the gloves to pick stuff up and fire your Gun .

All 4 of us had a go on this and I can honestly say it was the weirdest experience, weird but so fun.  When the headset was put on me, It was like I had been transported to another world. The vibrations and sounds were perfectly time to the game and the visuals were just unbelievable.  The VR cube has two different games which are switched each week. 

The game we were playing was an alien attack game. 

You're transported to this new world  with a mission to complete while also killing aliens that tried to attack you and stop you completing your mission! 

This is where you need to remember how to use the gloves. 

Then Jack and Harvey played in the VR ‘Race Zone’.

 Two cars placed opposite each other that allowed you to play at the Same time as your friend and race! 

Of course, you had your VR headset on. The chairs moved and vibrated and the boys commented how real it was and they actually felt like they were driving!  Sams son Harvey won the race. My Jack needs a few more driving lessons! 

Then the boys tried the VR CUBE where there are over 20 well known games available to play in Virtual Reality. The boys choose a game that they both have at home on their consoles. 

Because they both played the game before I think they thought they would be pros, however playing in Virtual Reality is a lot more challenging and the staff needed to help them with this section a little.

The boys had so much fun! They both requested to go back again! I even loved it! I enjoyed getting involved and I loved watching Jack have so much have fun!

Jack is at that age where his Xbox is his life, I do try to limit him because I want him to enjoy real childhood experience, but kids are so different this day in age, technology has taken over!  This was great because Jack still got to play games but be out of the house and have contact with real people. 

The staff was amazing! They Talked us through every section in detail and while the boys were playing they we’re so friendly and chatty to Sam and I. They told us all about the venue, prices and services like birthday parties.

The Birthday party package is something I will definitely consider for jacks next birthday. 

Jack commented: ‘I loved going to VR rush! Fighting aliens was my favourite part. I didn’t want to leave and can’t wait to go back’

Harvey commented: ‘it was awesome, 11/10. I loved watching my mum and Hannah scream while playing’

Head to my mums life Facebook page to watch a short video clip of our experience. 

Click the link below!!


Check their website and social media out and I would definitely recommend going whether it be with your children or adult friends!