• Hannah Armitage

The Bronze Mirror

Back in January 2018, I was approached by a lovely lady called Roxanne, a local photographer that had an idea and wanted me to be apart of.

Roxanne has been a photographer for 12 years. She now runs her own Photograpthy business RoxPix. She always dreamed of exhibiting her work one day but She wanted her first exhibition to have meaning and be unique. Then she had a light bulb moment in December 2017.

When I spoke with Roxanne in January 2018, she explained how she was planning her first exhibition of her Photograpthy and it was all about celebrating and showcasing business woman in Milton Keynes, me being among them! Mental!

Once Rox had chosen her final 15 subjects. She requested to come and take photos of us in our work environment and interview us.

To be honest I was shocked that I was invited to be apart of this. I was looking at the other ladies who were involved and a lot of them were very well established and successful. I was only starting out really?

I did voice these thoughts to Roxanne, but she reassured me that although I’m new to the business world. I am now in the business world relying on myself to pay my bills and feed my son.

In May 2018, I had my photo shoot at the Secklow FM Radio studio where I present my show Mums Life. Roxanne took pictures of me on The Radio, as well as photos of just me and my laptop cause to be honest my business is me and my laptop/phone.

Then we sat down and spoke for what felt like hours. Telling her all about my story not missing a detail out. I was excited to see what she would write up about me from our chat and even more excited to see the photos.

Roxanne took photos of me on the radio because Radio is such a massive part of my career! From 2013-2014, I worked as a marketing assistant for a national gambling company, while working my marketing job I was asked to join the company's radio station and would present a few hours a week.

In 2014, I left my marketing job to work on Jackpot FM full-time as a presenter and producer.

In 2016, I took the leap of leaving the 9-5 life and went self employed freelancing with Jackpot FM 12 hours a week allowing me to try to grow my radio career outside of one station.

In March 2017, after a lot of hard work. I launched my very own show called Mums Life on local community radio station Secklow FM. (Head to mums life tab for all info on my radio show)

Mums life took off better than I could ever imagine and is still continually opening doors for me, allowing me to earn money by just being me and landing a range of freelance jobs, from blogging to hosting to presenting.

Then in December 2017 I started to build a side business using my social media skills and previous marketing experience. I was managing a couple of local business social media accounts for a bit of pocket money, but My main job was still freelance radio work.

In April 2018 my main contractor Jackpot FM was shut down and my biggest source of income was gone.

By this time, I had 3 social media clients and really enjoyed creating content and helping these businesses grow! I was meeting amazing people and my clients are now my friends.

With my Radio income now gone, I had the pressure of earning enough money to pay my bills and feed my son! I knew I had to push my social media business...

I called my side business HA Social, I never advertised HA Social but through word of mouth I managed to gain some great clients. 7 months on and my business is steadily growing and im learning everyday.

July 12th 2018 Was the date of the Bronze Mirror expedition.

Roxanne had arranged a private invite only event at MK gallery exhibiting printed photos of ladies in business.

As you walked into the event, you were greeted with a glass of bubbly and a copy of the events magazine. The room was filled with lots of familiar faces as well as some new ones.

My plus one was my nan, my number one supporter.

I made my way through the people and in the centre of the room was a big white wall with 16 photos of 16 different women. All amazing in their own way.

I instantly saw my photo and ran over proudly.

I loved the main photo Rox choose from my shoot. Although I wouldn’t have picked it myself. I definitely wouldn’t change it now.

My nan and I found a seat and took a place to read my article in the magazine.

I had no idea what Roxanne had written.

I couldn’t even remember what I said when she interviewed me.

I opened the magazine and found me instantly. There was a big selection of photos from my shoot on one page, and an article all about me on the other.

The article was so perfectly wrote by Rox. I literally could not have summed up my career journey in a better way and the beautiful things she wrote about me meant so much!

Copy of my article wrote by Rox:

Hannah Armitage  ‘She knew she had to make a change and needed a new avenue for creativity, so she started Mums Life where she interviews local, inspirational mums about their lives, stories and businesses’ Hannah’s story, like Hannah is unique in every way. When you meet this bubbly woman with an infectious laugh and a heart of gold you realise straight away that she has the ambition and gumption to take herself wherever she wants to go and that’s basically what she’s done. She is a successful local radio presenter with her show Mum’s Life and owns a PR company called HA Social. Hannah started her career as a marketing assistant for a gambling company and in 2013 her talkative nature landed her a spot on Jackpot FM. From there she was asked to present a fashion and beauty segment and in the space of one year she has parlayed herself into a career as a full time presenter. Just as things were going from strength to strength she got into an argument with her neighbour that resulted in her being run over and beaten badly. After this harrowing experience she had to build herself back up both physically and emotionally. The incident had left her with anxiety and depression and this was something she knew she had to conquer. She decided to go self employed which was a good move as she found her earning potential was the same. But even though her life looked amazing from the outside her depression continued to plague her. She told me before the incident she thought she was ‘invincible’, this brought her back down to earth with a very hard bump. She knew she had to make a change and needed a new avenue for creativity. So she started Mum’s Life where she interviews local, inspirational mums about their lives, stories and businesses.  Through her whole career her son has been her “why” and with this in mind she opened another successful venture at the start of the year. Her PR company HA Social where she blogs, reviews products and help to grow other peoples businesses on social media. Not surprisingly she’s making a huge success of that too. Because that’s who Hannah is. A woman who looks at any challenge laughs with that big laugh of hers and goes “yea why not, I can do that”

My picture is still currently hanging the MK gallery, in Central MK. On 31st August all the pictures will be moved to bar bar coffee shop in Wolverton, ready for the second. More relaxed exhibition. This second exhibition is open to the public. Details can be found on the below link.


After the second exhibition, I can take my framed photo home. I will defiantly hang it proudly in my house to remind me everyday I can do anything!

I just wish to say a massive thank you to Roxanne for asking me to be apart of this. It was a real honour.

To be honest The Bronze Mirror was such a significant event for me of 2018 so far. It made me realise how far I have come and the demons I have beaten.

I finally feel proud of myself. It’s so easy to criticise your self, or not believe in yourself. I did both regularly.

Being recognised for my hard work has given me the confidence to keep going and believe I can achieve anything I want!

Here’s to the strong independent woman!

Lots of Love 

Hannah xxx

Anyone looking for a photographer in Milton Keynes contact Roxanne she is amazing! Website: Www.roxpixphotography.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/roxpixphotography/

Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/roxpixphotography