• Hannah Armitage

A Whole New Lash Experience...

The history of eyelash extensions goes back decades. I’m 1916 film director D.W. Griffith was filming film ‘intolerance’ and ordered a wig maker to make eyelash extension out of human hair for actress Seena Owen.

Moving forward a few decades to the 50s lashes were made of plastic and worn by Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe. Since the 50s the look of longer fuller lashes has continued to grow and be one of the most popular beauty treatments around.

My lash history

My false eyelash obsession started when I was about 16... I would wear big black fake strip lashes that were stuck on with hair extension glue. Sometimes I even put 2 sets of eyelashes together for that extra thickness! This was the phase that I had super thin eyebrows... But back then I thought I looked mega glamorous, looking back it was not a great look for me.

I continued to wear eyelashes every time I went out for the next decade!

Sometimes, not all the time, I would even apply them for shopping trips and work!

Then when I was approximately 24 when I was told about classic eyelash extensions. A beauty treatment that where one individual extension was applied onto every lash on your eye.

This treatment would give you that glamours look of long lashes all the time! HOW AMAZING!

After my first set of classics i was in love. They were a lot more natural looking unlike my strip lashes and I found the look softened my face.

However, love turned to hate when the lashes started to fall off. My infill appointment was every 2 weeks, but by one week I would have quite apparent gaps in my lashes and they did not look glamorous.

After about a year of having classic lash extensions, I then heard about Russian volume lashes. This was the same concept as classics, however you would have a fan of lashes applied to one of your own lashes instead on one giving you that fuller look.

This was definitely what I needed! I started to see a lady qualified in Russians and was so pleased after my first set, i felt like I could fly...

However, again I had the same problems as i did with classics. When the lashes did start to come out It looked like spider legs was hanging off my eyelids. i couldn't understand why my lashes never lasted.

Nevertheless, my love quickly returned for my lashes after an infill.

Over the years, I have seen a few different lash techs. However, Iv always had the same issue. My lashes never appeared to last. They would just fall out while I brushed them. I would have clusters on my pillow every morning...

Now I will take a little blame. I am a picker. If I felt any clumps of glue along my eyelid, I just couldn’t resist picking at it which would result in their falling out usually with my own lash attached.

However, I hated gappy lashes so I did do everything possible to try and avoid it. I was even having weekly infills. Then I thought maybe my real lashes are so weak from years of eyelash extensions they just can’t take it anymore.

It was time for a break...

I was correct about my real lashes. I had major lash damage... large gaps of baldness were some were missing. They were even shorter than normal and growing in different directions. They were awful.

I started to apply coconut oil to my eyelashes every night as I heard it help the condition and growth and over

the next few weeks my lashes did start to fill out, but they were still super short, I would wear strip lashes for nights out or darker make up to hide my tiny lashes.

I craved eyelash extensions after a massive break from them!

I wanted eyelash extensions back...BUT I didn’t want to start damaging my real lashes again.

Searching for the PERFECT lashes...

I followed many different lash techs on Instagram and decided when one stood out I would message them.

Weeks went by and i accepted lashes maybe wasn’t for me.

Then I met Lisa, owner of Lbeau Clinique, Lisa offers a range of beauty treatments including non surgical treatments and laser hair removal... During our meeting I noticed Lisa had the loveliest, fluffiest lashes.

They were so full and natural but glamorous and her eyes were so wide and open!

I always found that my eyes seemed squinty, almost like the weight of the lashes were closing my eyes.

Lisa told me that they were done with her in house lash tech, Agota, who had just moved to Milton Keynes from London. Agota owns beauty land and works from a room in L'beau Clinique. she was very successful in London, always fully booked weeks in advance.

I followed her Instagram and stalked her work. I was blown away with how perfect her lashes seemed.

I was obsessed with the look she created with lashes! I was ready to get my lashes back!

A Whole new lash experience...

I decided to book in with Agota and FINALLY have my lashes back.

Agota done my patch test and told me that although my lashes were small I had lots so she would need at least three hours!

I told her I was used to them being done quicker than that. A full set had never took longer than an hour and half with any lash tech, one girl could even do a full set in 40 minutes. Agota advised she applies a fan of 4-6 lashes onto every single one of my eyelashes along my lid. she lets the glue set on that individual lash before moving onto the next one to avoid my fans clumping together which usually give that spider effect and cause small balls of glue that i would always previously pick at.

48 hours past and no reaction meant i could go book to have my lashes done! YAY!

The day of my appointment was a miserable rainy day so I didn’t mind spending it laying down with my eyes closed and relaxing. My life is so busy and i am constantly on the go, so i looked forward to actually relaxing for a few hours.

I walked into the beautiful lash room and got comfortable on the bed. Agota taped my eyes up and began to work her magic. She had very calming music on in the background and spoke quietly to me asking me questions and talking about our lives. I felt so relaxed.

I got a little bit cold while laying on the bed and Agota placed her lovely fluffy blanket over me. I was so relaxed. I even fell asleep for about an hour and a half.

My initial set took just over 3 hours with not one lash missing a fan.

I opened my eyes and they felt light as a feather. I was use to that heavy feeling on my eyelids. These were so thick yet so naturally and light. But the best bit about these lashes is I could not feel one bit of excess glue on my eyelid, it literally felt like these eyelashes were my own.

I asked about booking in for an infill. I was used to weekly infills but she advised I wouldn’t need one for at least 2 weeks but most of her clients see her every 3-4 weeks.

I left feeling optimistic, I didn’t believe these lashes would last that long especially as previous lash tech had referred to me as a nightmare client because I seemed to lose a lot of lashes quickly.

After one week I found myself in shock! My lashes were still impeccable. I think I had lost about 4/5 fans. They literally still looked flawless like the day I had them done.

The second week came.

Agota was right. My lashes were still full and fluffy with no big gaps and they didn’t need an infill.

Week three came and my lashes were still unbelievably looking amazing, only the slightest gaps which was only noticeable by myself when I really looked. I was just so impressed that I didn’t need to find time to go in for an infill every week.

I contacted Agota and told her that my lashes were ok so we booked in my infill the following week.

The day came to have my infill 22 days after my first appointment. I still had over 80% of my lashes still on. This was unheard of for me!

To be honest I think I could have gone another week without an infill.

These lash extensions really are a whole new experience for me! They are so light, It feels like I nothing on my eyes. As a busy mum having lashes on means my getting ready process in the mornings is so much easier! I literally put on a bit of foundation and my face is ready for the day! (eyebrows are tattooed, blog to follow on that treatment)

Agota is a National award winning lash technician that takes pride in every single lash she applies…

My lash experience with Agota has been an amazing one. I have found my lash queen.

Remember girls… Good lashes aren't cheap and quick, cheap and quick lashes aren't good.

Agota commented how important aftercare is with lashes. After my first set of lashes i was provided with an after care pack that included a cleanser, cleaning brush, lash brush and after care information (copied below)

**To get the most out of your eyelash extensions, you need to follow some simple instructions. For the first 24 hours after the application of lash extension do not allow water to come into contact with the lashes Do not use sauna or steam for the first 24 hours (use a steam bath, swim or wash your face with hot water) Do not pick, pull or rub your eyelashes You can rinse your lashes with water and put them dry gently with a towel, however do not rub your lashes while washing them Make up remover has to be oil free as oils can damage the bonding agent and cause your lash extensions to fall out (Micellar water is the best makeup oil-free product) Avoid the use of creams or cleaners containing oils (especially around the eye area) If you do tint or lash lifting your eyelashes, this should be done before the application of eyelash extensions (min 72 hours) After the semi-permanent make up, you have to wait at least 4 weeks to have your eyelashes done Mascara: Only use water based mascara on thi tips of your lashes. However, you Don't need it and it can shorten the life of the lash extensions. If you wear mascara on your bottom lashes make sure it is water based. If your wear eyeliner, the best ones to use are the felt tip pens or gel, avoid pencil eyeliners as they tend to be a it oily and can clog between the lashes. Do not use an eyelash curler or perm the lashes.**

Agota offers:

-Classic Lash Extensions

-Light Volume (made up of 2/3 fans)

-Mega Volume (made up of 2-6 fans)

-Lash Lifting

-Eyebrow tint and shape


During you consultation and patch test you can discuss what look you want to achieve.

Check out Agota's work on her website and social media pages.




Lots of Love

Hannah xxx