• Hannah Armitage

All about the BROWS! Micropigmentation vs Microblading!

Back in 2016, I decided to have my eyebrows microbladed. The thought, of not needed to draw my eyebrows on daily seemed like a dream and was something I had to have!

I loved my microbladed brows when they were done! They seemed perfect.

However, quickly after the treatment I found myself filling in my brows again with my brow powder!

The ink faded quite quickly and was not dark enough for me, they simply did not give me the look I like for my brows!

**My Brows, Before and After Microblading**

A year on from my microblading treatment was the time I should have returned for a top up,I decided to not go back for a top up. The whole point of having this done was so I didn’t have to spend time filling in my eyebrows every single day. But I was doing just that weeks after microblading so I didn’t see the point. I felt like my brows needed topping up weeks after they were done..

I just accepted that my eyebrows would only look the way I want if I do them myself every day!

At the end of summer 2018, I met Nicole from OliviaCole Cosmetics who specialises in semi permanent make up. We discussed the services she offered and she suggested having my eyebrows tattooed...

I told her about my previous experience with microblading and advised I wasn’t a big fan!

She quickly advised me that the procedure she performs is called Micro pigmentation and it was NOT microblading!

I genuinely didn’t know there was a difference! I had heard of semi permanent make up (micro pigmentation) before, but I just thought microblading was the term used for the procedure.

Nicole advised me that she uses a tattoo gun to achieve the look on brows, unlike microblading that uses a small blade to deposit pigment in stores, along your brow.

Using a tattoo gun would mean I could achieve the block look that I was after!

However Nicole can also achieve the more natural look with a tattoo gun such as hair stroke look, or soft powdered brows.

I went to my consultation with no Make up on so she could see my natural brows. I showed Nicole pictures of how I have my eyebrows when I wear make up and she advised me she could create that exact look with her tattoo gun and once complete. I would not need to top them up for 2 years!

I am booked in there and then!

My first appointment was approximately 2 hours. Numbing cream was applied to my brows when i first arrived. Shortly after was the task of designing my new brows! Nicole spent time measuring my brows and drawing them on with a pencil so I could see what they would look like and was happy with them!

I was more than delighted with the drawn on brows so she wiped them away and began to tattoo me.

Because I had previously had microblading Nicole’s job of creating me the perfect brows was more complicated for her.

I had stokes of ink from the blade that had gone really deep and caused small scars and my brows to appear a weird shape that needed to be corrected!

The time spent tattooing was approximately one hour and The pain was next to nothing!

Nicole uses the top numbing product which really worked.

Some parts were slightly painful, but that was always around the area she was correcting that had the small scars! Overall I would say that this is relatively pain free.

When I saw my brows I was IN LOVE! They looked exactly how I drew them on, if not better! The exact look I just wanted to achieve! They were quite bold at first but within a few days settled down to more of a soft look (as you can see from my selfie)

I was sent away with small tub of cream for after care. I kept my brows moist with the aftercare cream and the scabbing was minimal.

I loved my new brows and genuinely did not need to touch them when doing my make up! Even on nights out when I have a more heavy Make up look.

About three weeks after my first appointment I had my make up professionally done and the MUA didn’t have to touch my brows!

As with microblading you need a top up appointment around 4-6 weeks after your first appointment!

By the time my top up arrived my eyebrows had completely healed which allowed Nicole to see where she needed to work on during my top up.

I advised the inner part of my brow was not as dark as I would like but I was delighted with the rest of the shape and look!

The top up appointment was an hour long start to finish which included letting the numbing cream take effect and the actual procedure!

Again, the pain was minimal and I felt very relaxed throughout!

When Nicole finished I was shown my beautiful new brows and I LOVED THEM!

They matched, the colour of the ink was perfect, they shape was exactly what I wanted! They were just how I envisioned them!

Overall all I wouldn’t say microblading is bad. It just wasn’t for me.. It’s didn’t do what I expected it to do. Micropigmentation is great. Not only does it last longer, you can achieve many different looks... From bold brows to natural hair stroke brows!!

I love beauty and beauty treatments, but I was not aware of the difference between microblading and micropigmentation! If I was aware and done more research, I would never have had microblading done.

OliviaCole cosmetics is based in Newport Pagnell Milton Keynes and is the most gorgeous salon based in Nicole’s home!

A gorgeous waiting room with a lookbook of her work, coffee machine and tv, her salon is in the next room and is beautiful and minimalists, with the treatment bed in the middle of the room!

Nicole is so talented in her and her work speaks for itself! Not only is she amazing at her job she is also so lovely and welcoming! I felt completely comfortable and relaxed on all my visits.

OliviaCole Cosmetics offer a range of treatments so I will definitely be paying another visit or two before my top up!

The cost, of semi permanent brows like mine, in my opinion is totally worth the money for the time I will save filling my brows in daily!

Here are some images of Nicole’s work.

For more information and images on Olivia Cole Cosmetics follow the links.

WEBSITE- http://www.oliviacolecosmetics.com

FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/OliviaColeCosmetics

INSTAGRAM- www.instagram.com/oliviacolecosmetics

Lots of Love

Hannah xxxxx