• Hannah Armitage

Wreath Making with Harding & Bloom

Looking for a Christmas activity to do with your friends, family or even work pals? Look no further than Christmas Wreath Workshops with Harding and Bloom

Aimee, owner of Harding and Bloom kindly hosted a wreath making workshop for me and my lovely co hosts of Mums Life Radio Show!

Unfortunately two of the mums were poorly on the day and couldn’t take part, however Katie and I still hosted the wreath making and loved every minute of it.

Aimee is mobile and brings the workshop to your choice of location. We agreed to host it at Katies house as she has a big enough dining room table.

The workshop was about 2 hours from start to finish. Aimee demonstrate and talks you through every part of the wreathe making.

From finish to end the process was really easy and allowed you to be creative and make your wreathe exactly how you wish to look.

1. Fill the circle template with wet moss nice and thick, this is the base of the wreath

2. Then using wire you tie pine and spruce the whole way around, covering the moss, this is really the main part of the workshop, defying the thickness and shape of your wreath.

3. For extra green decorations you can now add Ivy sporadically around the wreath.

4. Now the best part!!! Decorating it exactly how you want! Using her large range of decorations (pine cones, lotus heads, orange and lemon slices, cinnamon sticks, baubles, snowflakes, wooden hearts, sparkles)

Katie decorated her wreath using pretty much every decoration she could get her hands on. She wanted to full/busy look as it was going on her front door…Something to catch the neighbours eyes.

Decided to create a wreath for my grandads grave, with a written message in the decoration., I did simple decorations in the QPR colours, his favourite football team!

My nan and son jack have a yearly tradition

Christmas Eve is my Grandads birthday, and it's a tradition for her to leave a wreath on his grave. This year it will be nice to leave such a personal wreath.

Katie and I had so much fun. The whole thing was so therapeutic. The two hours flew by.

We look forward to seeing Aimee again soon. She does lots of themed workshops throughout the year as well as decorative flowers for table settings and parties.

On mothers days, she plans to come and do a workshop with our children to make mothers days flowery gift for us.

Check out Harding and Bloom's social media, contact her for information on the services she offers or to book a workshop, there is still time to get wreath making before Christmas!

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Instagram: @hardingandbloom

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