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A New You, with NuSkin

I get asked a lot about my beauty routine and products I use. But if I’m honest I didn't have one!

If I find a product I like. Brilliant. But when that product runs out, I don’t rush to go restock! I usually go to my draw of goodies that have loads of beauty products that I have been sent or have been in my monthly glossy box. I am definitely not loyal to beauty brands! I will always try products. But this has meant I have absolutely no routine when it comes to my skin

My skin history

When I was younger I was a nightmare for sleeping in my make up and not taking care of my skin,

BUT I never had any problems with outbreaks ect, so I never worried!

Then as I started to get older and I found my skin was breaking out more often than I liked, I suffered with spots and blemishes and always blamed my period or stress...

Telling myself

‘These spots are because I’m due on my period’

‘These spots are because I am on my period’

‘There spots are because I was on my period last week’

‘These spots are because I’m so stressed’


My skin was bad because of the simple fact that the years of abuse were catching up with me and I needed to start looking after it, after its visible to people every single day, there is no hiding behind bad skin (unless you buy thick make up that probably is causing even more damage)

Finding nuskin!

I found that GO TO product back in 2014 when I was introduced to Nuskin, I brought the Mud Mask and whitening toothpaste from a girl on Facebook!

I literally fell in love with the products. My teeth were white and my skin was flawless. I started to love my flawless skin so much it gave me the push to start looking after my skin. I cleansed toned and moisturised daily and used my mud mask once/twice a week!

I then invested in this amazing little gadget called the Galvanic Spa...

What is the galvanic spa?

The galvanic spa is a galvanic current skin care treatment for your skin that uses electrical currents to both cleanse the skin of impurities and infuse moisture into the deeper layers of the skin. Using tiny electrical currents, the skin first undergoes a deep pore cleansing known as dis-incrustation.

The galvanic current device, set to a negative polarity, works in conjunction with negatively charged cleansing solution to drive it deep into the pores creating a chemical reaction in the skin. This chemical reaction liquefies the impurities in the skin and creates a soapy substance that helps to unclog pores and dissolve excess oil and other debris on the skin thus allowing the pores to breathe freely.

Secondly the galvanic current device is set to a positive polarity and the next treatment gel is applied. This will rebalance, normaize, hydrate and nourish the skin. Skin cells are living breathing organisms that have to be cared for and nourished to keep them healthy. If the cells are abused and neglected than the aging process is accelerated!

Using along side Nuskin facial gels it is overall the best home facial I have ever had and can say this little gadget was a HUGE Investment!!! One of the key benefits of this machine is the anti ageing benefits literally ironing out your skin! The Botox machine!

I use this once a month and can proudly say it’s helped me avoid getting Botox! I have just turned 30 and am one of the few girls in my friendship group who hasn’t had Botox!

And I can proudly say I regularly get told I look younger than 30!

I brought this over two years ago and still absolutely LOVE IT!!

Business opportunity with nuskin!

After purchasing the galvanic spa and various other products I decided to sell them myself and became a nuskin distributor and despised to try the business opportunity with the company!

I was quite good at selling the products because they actually did work so really they sold themselves.. I earned decent money alone from selling products to friends, family and social media customers. Then I took on additional girls to sell the products to and started to build a team and was earning commission from their sales. However, selling the products and building a team did involve a lot of time (like any business does) With my promotion at my full time job at that time, I just couldn't commit to the business and decided to concentrate on my day job of radio.

When I stopped selling, I did continue to use the products I had accumulated, as well as the trusted galvanic spa of course, but when I ran out I never got around to ordering more.

When I was selling nuskin I had a routine and my skin was amazing, then when I stopped I immediately started to notice my skin was not as flawless.

However, like most working mums my beauty routine was not top of my priority anymore.

My Skin Now

Since starting my blog in 2017 I have been sent different products from companies and had different treatments which did help to improve my skin. Nonetheless, there was still no routine. No go to product or brand I loved. I always intended to buy some more nuskin products but never got round to it and weeks would go on and on.

BUT because of the amazing invention of Instagram I was connected with Emily who lives in my city Milton Keynes.

I told Emily my Nu skin history and problems with my skin now and she was keen to collaborate with me and push me to get my flawless skin back with the help of the products I already knew worked.

Emily sent me my old favourite products: the mud mask, moisture mist and polishing peel. As well as some new products I was dying to try like the Powerlips lip gloss, instaglow tanning gel and lip plumping balm.

That evening I had a pamper night using my mud mask, polish peel and the galvanic spa!

Instantly after, my skin felt amazing, so smooth and tight (picture below no make up now filter you can see the shine in my skin)

The mud mask drew out a few underlying spots but that was expected as the mudmask draws out all your impurities. Rather out than in I say!

As the weeks went on my skins condition continued to improve, it was glowing, no blemishes or outbreaks, even on my period…

Then I had a couple of busy weeks with work and I didn’t have time for my weekly pamper sessions..Two weeks of no routine for my skin resulted in an outbreak of spots and uneven skin tone. Showing me these products really worked.

I started to use my mud mask twice a week again and like magic my glowing skin was back.

The Mud mask is without a doubt my favourite face mask, you can literally see it working and drawing out impurities as it dries. I even used it on a verruca for my son which worked amazing, literally drawing it out from under his skin.

The moisture mist is literally a spray mist that moisturises your skin .....

I use it daily to remove my make up!

And it’s also great for setting your make up.

This is also a must have product during the summer months, keeping you cool and hydrating your skin at the same time.

The polishing peel, *microdermabrasion in a bottle*..

The polish peel is applied onto the face evenly left for 20 minutes then you simply rub the peel off your face with your hands and watch all the dead skin fall off your face! Magic in a bottle.

People pay big bucks for microdermabrasion treatments and this home product works just as well.

Plumping lip balm

When I sold nuskin products they had a plumping lip gloss that I loved, at that time I had no filler in my lips and really saw the difference in using it continuously. My lips were more plumped and shaped. However, now a few years later I don’t like lip gloss shiny look at all. I like matte lips and never ever use gloss.

When Emily told me about the plumping lip balm I had to have it. I can honestly say this is much better the gloss for me. Not only does it give your lips a nice plump which I notice more now as iv had small amount of filler in my lips. It also keeps your lips nice and moist in the winter months where the weather can give you dry cracked lips.

Matte lip gloss in a nude shade because it’s the colour I wear the most.

I was just so impressed with this lip gloss! It literally stays on all day. I swabbed it on my hand and even after having a bath the swab mark was still there.

The colour was perfect, glided on my lips so smoothly, and you use less because it stays on so long. Iv tried loads of glosses including the Kylie lip kit and this has been my favourite, I will definitely be ordering more colours.

Then finally the insta glow tanning gel.

A new product to Nuskin that I had heard so much about!

I am naturally quite pale but HATE the pale look! During the summer, I use sunbeds and spend as much time as possible in the sunshine!

But during the winter, I always feel washed out, so I admit I am a fake tan user!

Instaglow has caught my attention on Instagram but I just stuck with my go to cheap and cheerful moriz tan. Meeting Emily was the perfect opportunity to try this new product!!

I absolutely LOVE the instaglow tan, you apply the gel with your hands, no mitt needed, there is no smell or orange look to it, just a lovely natural tanning glow.

I use this almost daily on my chest and face as it gives you such a nice colour and use it all over my body on tanning Thursdays (us girls know all about tanning Thursday, right?)

This product gets a 10/10 from me,

Overall all I can say is I love these products and they really do what they say on the tin.

If you want to try some of these beauty gems then get in contact with Emily. She is so lovely and passionate about the products, she even has a blog where you can read about the products in more details. She has practically tried them all and knows all about them all so can help you decide what products are right for you. The list of products is endless, from anti ageing to weightless to make up and hair products.

I plan to give some more products a try over the next few months and will let you know how I get on with them.

Also I just wanted to mention the business opportunity with Nuskin! If you love the products, like I do ,you can join Emilys team and sell them yourself.

Its completely free to become a distributor for nuskin and you can earn instant money on the products you sell. You have nothing to loose, perfect for stay at home mums or people looking for a side income.

If you do well with selling the products you can think about building your own team, helping other people sell the products and start their own business. You earn commission on everything the people in your team sell, as well as commission on their teams sales and so on and so on.

The money you can earn from selling products that actually work is astounding! The girl whose team I joined all them years ago is now earning around £25,000 a month. Unbelievable money!

Emily can help you with all you need to know to get started and will support you along the way.

Not only do I love the fact these products actually work but I love the fact you are buying them from someone local and supporting their business! Im all for supporting small business.

Check out Emily Instagram: www.instagram.com/em.n.essence

Her blog: emnessence.wordpress.com

Email her direct: em.n.essence@gmail.com

REMEMBER glowing skin is always in!!

Lots of love

Hannah xx

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