• Hannah Armitage

My names Hannah and I am a crazy Chihuahua Lady!

If you are a chihuahua owner, you definitely want to read on. If you are a dog owner, you definitely want to read on, if you are just curious about the lives of crazy chihuahua owners, then again... read on. You're in for a treat!

I first became a Chihuahua mum back in 2013.. Tilly was gifted to me as a valentine’s present from an ex boyfriend and has brought me 6 years of joy since.

Not only is Tilly beautiful, she is loyal, cuddly and the cutest dog... well to people she knows. To strangers she is a typical man hating chihuahua.

She’s so loyal to my ex boyfriend she will not accept any men that come into my house. She has bit the ankles of delivery men, workmen and friends.

She is of course the reason I have been single for 4 years hehe 

Tilly’s annoying yappy behaviour started at age 2 when I split with the ex and she continued that severe behaviour for a couple of years after...

Then in 2016 I met Kerry Brooks and Sam Goldsmith -they approached me about coming on my radio show to promote their brand new event CHIHUAHUATOWN! Being a chihuahua mum you can imagine my excitement.

Kerry and Sam asked me live on air to host the beauty pageant on the day and basically be the girl on the mic with all the info on the day.

I was so excited!! Tilly was also asked to be a poster pup and have an official photo shoot at Kerry’s studio Lookphotos.

Kerry & Sam; founders of Chihuahua Town

Sam and Kerry: Founders of Chihuahua Town

I took Tilly for her photo shoot but was nervous she would attack Kerry and not be the perfect dog modelled I dreamed of. However, she surprised me. She was the perfect model. I was so proud!

Kerry captured the most beautiful pictures of my princess!

But then I had to prepare for the event itself in May 2016. I wasnt nervous about the presenting, I’ve hosted and presented at many events. However, I was so nervous that Tilly would just attack everyone she saw on the day.

I had my nan on standby to collect her!

Nevertheless, she surprised me again. She was an angel... a few typical chihuahua yappy moments but overall she was so good. She was interacting with other dogs and even some men and was loved by everyone...

I was constantly asked 'what’s her Instagram' and I just stood looking vague every time! Like why would Tilly have an Instagram!? This was when I first really encountered crazy chihuahua people.

They all had Instagrams for their dogs. All the dogs had lavish expensive outfits, some chihuahuas even had prams and cars. Yes cars.

The whole day was perfect. I mean course it was I was surrounded by hundreds of chihuahuas on a lovely summer day. It was jam packed with fun. Show classes, a pageant, shopping, VIP tent with yummy food. I left the event a different person. This was the beginning of me turning into a crazy chihuahua Mum.

I purchased some lovely outfits for Tilly , met amazing people and started Tilly's Instagram that evening.

Overall just had an amazing day, that I could call work!! 

I had to await a whole 8 months till the next chihuahua event! Nonetheless, 2017 saw chihuahua town take things to the next level! New bigger location, more stands, more shows, bigger prizes and celebrity guests.May 2017 was the festival of Chihuahuas in wonderland. A few weeks before the event I was asked to again work at the event but this time as there was a theme I could dress as Alice in Wonderland! Winning! Tilly and I had a photo shoot with Kerry. I dressed as Alice and took pictures with my pretty pup.The day of the event was amazing! Even more chihuahuas (and humans) and Malin from Love Island came with her chihuahua to judge the beauty pageant.

So that brings me to the end of 2018.

My chihuahua love and craziness continue to grow and I was ready to have another chihuahua baby.

Chihuahua Town threw a mini Christmas party. An indoor smaller event with a Father Christmas and professional photographer. There was plenty of shopping from great company’s such as BBPETS and Glamwags, 

and fun show classes that were free to enter. Me Jack and Tilly went in our Christmas hats and Tilly in her mrs clause outfit. It was a lovely event, but I left feeling super broody.

Sam from ChihuahuaTown also owns ‘chubbabubz chihuahuas’ and is also a top chihuahua breeder (one of the few that strictly health tests her dogs - she has one litter are year and makes sure they are top quality!)  

She had brought one of her puppies called Sooty to the Christmas party. I looked after this tiny baby all evening and when I left I was 1000000% sure I wanted a puppy.

I chose to wait till 2019, however fate had other ideas. Sam contacted me to tell me she had one boy chihuahua puppy left, she had really connected with this puppy and wanted to home him to someone she knew... I saw his picture and knew instantly I had to be his mum. Then on 23rd of December I surprised jack (and Tilly) when I brought our new puppy home. We called him Tommy.

Jack was ecstatic! He loves Tilly so much and has such a strong bond with her. His caring nature made the decision of getting another puppy easier because I knew he would help.

Tilly was surprisingly good with Tommy and their relationship has become

so lovely to watch! Tommy has brought the playful side out in Tilly. The play, they cuddle, they fight. But they love each other and tommy has fitted in perfectly.

On February 16th ChihuahuaTown returned with an indoor valentine’s bash! A smaller event again just like the Christmas party. Nevertheless, jam packed with the same fun.

This was Tommy’s first event and he was a little overwhelmed but got so much attention and cuddles from people. The best part of the day was the fact that the judge of the Puppy Love show contest. As the judge for this show class was an impartial trader from a stand at the event, who didnt know me or my dogs and as Tommy is not a poster pup I could enter him! AND GUESS WHAT!!!

HE WON! He was officially the best puppy there!!

Now it's time to prepare for the big event! ChihuahuaTowns huge summer festival ‘Tropical Paradise’ and in true chihuahua town style they have gone bigger and better. Over 1000 humans, with their chihuahuas are expected to be there and there is still time for you to be there too.

The event is on Saturday 26th May at

You can buy tickets on this link:


Come along its a great day for families and dog lovers.

Chihuahua Town events also host other events throughout the year:

FrenchieTown- June 22nd (tickets on sale from Feb 28th!)

DachshundTown - July 27th 

PugTown - August 31st

Head to their website and social media pages for more information.

Website: https://www.chihuahuatownevents.co.uk/

Facbook: https://www.facebook.com/Chihuahuatown

I hope you enjoyed my blog behind my love for Chihuahuas. If you are a chihuahua owner then you will totally understand, if you're not then you probably think I'm crazy, and I agree 

Lots of Love 

Hannah, Tilly and Tommy xxx

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