• Hannah Armitage

ALL work and NO play gives you..... Back ache!!

Last October I turned the BIG 30. If that didn’t make me feel old blogging about back pain definitely does... but it’s definitely worth a read!

Anyone work at a desk everyday?? Or spend hours a day slouched over their phone scrolling through Facebook, texting, or even working?

Since as long as I can remember my job has traditionally had me at some sort of desk working, whether it be a desk in an office or a mixing desk in a radio station!

Now I work for myself I have my own desk at home that I work from but I am also guilty of working on my sofa with my Mac on my lap, phone in hand, TV on in the background.

Which leads me to what this blog is about! My posture and back ache.

I definitely do not have good posture. My chest area is quite large and the weight takes it toll on my back and I constantly work on a computer or from my phone which leads to me slouching in hunchback like position.

As I work for myself, I work ALOT! Some days i'll be stuck to my Mac for 12-14 hours. Since my work load has increased the last few months I was finding at the end of my working day the bottom of my back would ache terribly and sometimes even prevent me from sleeping... On occasion, I would even need to take pain killers to ease the pain.

I could always feel my back ache getting worse as the hours of work went on, but I would just stretch it out then slip back into my slumped position.

I then met Chris from CB Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation at a local SJP networking event.

I over heard him talking to another lady who was slumped over her phone sending a message. He advised how this was terrible for her back and could cause problems in later life.

I pulled him aside after ease dropping and told him about my back ache.

He advised a sports massage would definitely benefit me and help me sustain good posture while working.

Chris is a mobile sports therapist which is great for me! I work from home and barely have enough hours in the day as it is, so an hour massage I could make time for cause it literally would only take an hour. No travel time sounded ideal.

I booked straight in.

Chris came to my home on a Tuesday afternoon. He set up his massage bed in my living room and we began, starting with a consultation before proceeding to the treatment itself.

Now when you think of massage you think of relaxation, right?

WRONG. This was a sports massage and he would be manipulating my muscles as well as getting out all those dreaded knots across my back. I expected it to be uncomfortable and definitely not relaxing!

The whole treatment start to finish consisted of :


Client details/medical history

- identify issue areas/injuries

- identify links to posture/work or previous injuries


- light effleurage massage to warm muscles/tissue

- Increase blood circulation

- Identify areas of tightness/knots in the muscles

- Deep tissue massage around tight areas/knots to work the muscle/tissue to get it to relax, restructure itself and heal

- Trigger points on knotted areas which desensitise the nerves/tissue which aims to relax the muscles to reduce the knots

-Spinal manipulation/mobilisation

- thoracic (ribs) manipulation

- Lumbar (lower back) manipulation

- manipulation aims to mobilise vertebral joints which loosen and relaxes the muscles around the vertebrae, increasing range of movement and decreasing discomfort.

The beginning of the massage was lovely, very relaxing and I wondered what I was worried about, then come the work on my knots, the many many knots across my back.

*Knots are sensitive areas of muscle that tighten and contract even when resting and can cause pain*

I had a lot of knots so Chris has his work cut out for him. He worked on each one individually and I’m not gonna pretend it felt nice because it didn’t, some points were very uncomfortable but Chris advised my twitching when I did feel uncomfortable helped guide him in depth on knot and how much pressure was needed. I bore in mind that this was all benefiting me.

What I will say is although there were uncomfortable painful parts, the pain was sooooo satisfying.

When the massage ended all I wanted to do was a massive stretch!

That stretch was probably the best stretch I have ever had! My arms and body literally felt longer had way more movement.

Chris advised on some ergonomic adjustments that you could make to my desk to further improve my working posture and that I would probably have a back ache for a couple of days because of all the pressure that has been on my muscles.

He wasn’t wrong! That night as I laid my back against my mattress to go to bed I felt this whole feeling across my back like it was bruised. It literally felt like I had been punched over and over across my entire back.

I had to sleep with a pillow under my back that night.

The next day was a lot easier. The pain eased up but was still there and my back clicked... a lot!

Chris massaged me that day to see how I was feeling. I advised about my back ache and he said I may be feeling like that because I have loosened the muscles off and they are then adapting back to how they should be etc.

By day 3, the back ache was gone and I felt fabulous. I felt more mobile and free. It’s really hard to attempt to describe.

Following my massage I was way more aware of my posture when working and still now try hard to watch how I sit when doing anything from working to eating dinner.

Now I’m not saying one massage with Chris will solve all my problems and miraculously give me a perfect back.

Unfortunately back ache is common as we age as well as the strain of our daily tiring lifestyles we all lead. Nevertheless, we can help ourselves by having a regular sports massage and being aware of our posture.

As we grow older we need to take care of our body’s. Now I’m 30 I’m realising this more and more!

My head feels 21 my body feels 50 (it felt 80 before my massage, couple more and I will be bouncing about like a teenager 😉)

6 weeks on from my massage and my back feels great. No back ache, after long days of working, no struggling to sleep and I no longer avoid training my back when I do go to the gym (which isn’t much recently I admit)

I couldn’t recommend Chris enough,

He is knowledgeable, professional and a lovely guy.

He offers a variety of sports therapy treatments such as Dry needling, Pregnancy Kinesiology tape, Rock tape and Circuit Training.

Head to his website for more information.

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Lots of Love

Hannah xxx