• Hannah Armitage

An evening of fine dining with Miller & Carter Xscape Milton Keynes

I was recently invited to visit the new Miller & Carter steak house restaurant at Xscape Milton Keynes.

I was super excited about this collaboration because I LOVE FOOD but I especially love food I haven’t cooked. Now I have to admit I HATE cooking! I wish I did enjoy it but I find it an absolute chore and would much rather eat out (plus it saves on washing up).

I do eat out quite regularly, but I find myself at the same places, ordering the same meals, so I was excited to step out of my comfort zone and try somewhere I had never been before.

I visited Miller & Carter on Friday 5th April with my mum, nan and good friend. This was a lovely excuse to get together and just enjoy each other’s company. Life is so busy, and these times are rare.

That day I purposely ate minimal so I had plenty of room for my meal. As mentioned I had never visited a Miller & Carter before so had no idea what the place or food was like.

Upon arriving to the restaurant we were shown to our table by our waitress for the evening, Maria. She was lovely and really made the whole night. She was happy,upbeat and had such an infectious personality, I wanted to invite her to join us for dinner.

When we were seated, Maria handed out the wine list and menu. She advised us of the different wines and her personal opinion. We ordered a bottle of the rose white zinfandel, and it was brought to the table within minutes. Maria poured our wine out into our glasses then stood at the top of the table and talked us through the menu. She explained where the meat was sourced from, how it’s cooked and more. She really knew her stuff - I had never had such an attentive waitress before.

We were left to decide what food we wanted! As Miller & Carter is a steak house there are of course lots of steak options, however they also had chicken, fish, and lobster, as well as a large variety of sides and starters too. I love steak, but cannot cook it right no matter how much I try; so I knew before even going there I was going to have steak!

Our order:

Starter: sharing nachos.

Described by my mum as the best nachos she had ever tasted, and I have to agree. They were delicious. The portion was enough for three of us to share without filling us up too much.If anything the taste left in my mouth from the nachos made me more hungry!

My main:

I knew I wanted steak but didn’t realise how many varieties of steak there are.

I went with the 8oz rump with seasoned fries and peppercorn sauce.

My mum and nan also ordered steak and Sam went with a smaller dish of mushrooms.

Five minutes before our food, Maria brought our lettuce wedge to the table. She said our steaks were coming and the lettuce would cleanse our taste buds, allowing us to enjoy the flavours from the steak more. I had never ever seen or heard about this before - literally blew my mind! was literally presented with a bowl of lettuce drizzled in garlic mayo. Was a bit weird to be honest, but I went with it and ate it, and actually really enjoyed it. Such a refreshing taste.

Then it was time for our mains...

The part of the evening I was looking forward to the most.

It didn’t disappoint.

My steak was soft and cooked perfectly at medium rare. I drizzled my peppercorn sauce over the steak and enjoyed it with the onion bhaji and some leftover lettuce. The steak was so good I forgot about my chips. I was already so full up but managed to eat half the chips (very generous portion size).

All of us thoroughly enjoyed our food! And couldn’t complain about a single thing.

As we was so full up we decided against dessert..

The atmosphere in the restaurant was lovely; we had planned to go for a drink after our meal in a local bar, but we felt so relaxed and comfortable where we were, we decided to order another bottle of wine (that was one of the best roses I have ever had) and we sat talking about anything and everything.

Quality time spent with the ones I love! Priceless.

I couldn’t have asked for a better evening: good food, good company, good wine.

Perfect way to end the week.

This was my first visit to a Miller & Carter restaurant, but it definitely won’t be my last. We have already nominated it for the next family meal location to the rest of my family.

And I would just like to add a special thank you to our waitress Maria. Her happy,bubbly personality was infectious. You can tell she really enjoys her job, and excelledat customer service. She was a big part of making our evening so great and also thanks to the manager who was very attentive throughout the evening.

Thank you to everyone at Miller & Carter - I will definitely see you again soon!

Address: XSCAPE- 602 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 3XA

Lots of love

Hannah xxx

Miller & Carter have gifted me a £50 voucher to giveaway to my followers, so I will be running a competition on my Instagram in the next couple of days!

instagram handle: @hannaharmitage

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