• Hannah Armitage

Guess who’s back....

Welcome back to my brand new website and blog... This blog post is simply saying hello so I’ll keep it short and sweet! 2019 has been the most manic year of my life and I have had to sacrifice a lot. I cancelled holidays, took a break from radio and completely neglected my blog so I could concentrate on my businesses. The first year of any business is the most crucial and I’m in the first year of two businesses! I must be mad! As well as work taking over my life, at the beginning of 2019 I was given the most amazing opportunity. My son Jack and I were approached to film for a new TV show for channel 4. The last couple of years I have had TV offers but the shows just didn’t fit. With my son being my whole world and the reason why I do everything I do I felt like this show was the perfect fit!! Jack and I spent lots of time filming with the show all over the UK from May-August and it took up a lot more time then I thought it would, I mean for 2 minutes of footage we were filming for 6 hours. In September I went to London to watch the final edited episode and I am so excited for it to come out and for me finally be able to talk about it... As we come to the end of 2019 and my life is slightly more organised, I decided it was important for me to dedicate time to my blog again! I redesigned my website and have made a ‘blogging plan’. I have some great collaborations in the pipeline aswell as some personal blog that I want to share and have been drafting this year, this blog started as a platform for me to share my life and opinions and I want it to continue to have that element! I can’t believe how quick this year has gone and Christmas is just around the corner, how exciting! Anyway if your new to my blog, welcome! Please have a look through some of my old blogs and follow me on Instagram @hannaharmitage Il be back soon... Lots of Love Hannah xxx 

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