• Hannah Armitage

F45 8 week fitness challenge.

So fitness is not something I have ever blogged about but I have recently collaborated with F45 fitness and yesterday I started the 8 WEEK CHALLENGE. Before I talk about the challenge itself I want to talk to you about my fitness journey over the last few years so you can understand why I decided to do this collaboration. In 2015 I came out of a long term relationship- where I typically got comfortable and gained a lot of weight! When this relationship ended I was the biggest I have ever been in my life! I weighed more then I did when I was full term pregnant with my son! Sooo newly single and very unhappy with my body I decided to make a change! The single diet as people call it!

I tried many different diets including weight watchers, shake replacements, skinny coffee! ALL OF WHICH WORKED! I lost weight! However I found when I stopped these diets I would put the weight back on very quickly! I couldn’t live on these diets so had to make a complete lifestyle change! I was lucky enough to have a friend that was training as a PT around this time and she took me under her wing! She taught me what to do in the gym and what to eat! I spent 18 months going to the gym and eating better and slowly shifting the extra weight! Fast forward to beginning of 2019. I had lost 3 stone over 4 years. I no longer worked in an office and spent 8 hours a day sat at a desk eating cake! I was a busy businesswoman living a hectic life and going to the gym when I could! Being so busy in 2019 helped shift some more weight and I lost a further stone, just from simply MOVING MORE AND EATING LESS!

Bringing you to now the beginning of 2020 a size 10 and genuinely happy with my body! However, I am super super unfit! I go to the gym and do weights or float about, no cardio and now I have sort of hit a wall! I want more and to look even better!

​ So that brings me to introducing F45 fitness! F45 based in central MK is a class based gym, offering unlimited classes to members covering strength and cardio! The general manager, Dan is someone within my network of business people in MK and he asked me to come in and give a class a go! So I did! Well... to my complete embarrassment I done a quarter of the class before I thought I was dying and actually threw up! I left there and didn’t return, I was traumatised! But Dan was determined for me to be apart of this F45 community and in January 2020 asked me to take part in the 8 weeks challenge! By this time I had been going to my local gym DW fitness and felt a bit fitter and was ready to give it a ago.

What is the F45 8 week challenge? The F45 Challenge is an 8-week body transformation program designed to help F45 members adopt a healthier lifestyle and learn more about holistic wellbeing.

The Challenge is broken up into 4 phases of 2 weeks. Each phase has a different learning theme.The F45 Challenge program provides the necessary tools required to help members succeed over the 8 weeks and to create better habits.

The biggest asset to assist members is the Challenge portal, which is accessible via the Challenge website (f45challenge.com) and app, available for both Apple and Android (the app can be downloaded from their respective app stores). Creating an account for the website and app is free. The F45 Challenge provides access to weekly meal plans and a recipe library with 1,000+ of delicious recipes, as well as helpful information, including nutrition education content, blog articles and program information that will assist you in meeting you goals. Members will each get 3 X in-body assessments to monitor progress over the 8 weeks start, middle and end. The information from this will be used to give the member their calorie controlled programme which will be used to help plan their meals. I don’t think I realised how serious this challenge is and the commitment you need to take part! The team at F45 are unreal! They literally are with you every step of the way. Before the challenge you have a body scan and have before photos taken! A trainer then sets you a realist goal for the 8 weeks and sends you your calories intake, macros and every bit of information you need to ensure you have the right diet for the 8 weeks! You are put into a Whatapp groups to motivate each other and ask questions!! The challenge officially started today (Monday 3rd February) however I wanted to prepare myself so decided to do a class before the challenge! I attended my first class on Friday 31st January. The anxiety I had before was horrible! All I remembered was the bad memory of the class I tried before and more than anything I didn’t want to feel like a failure!! As I entered F45 for my class I was ready to throw the towel in before I even started! I just felt completely out of my comfort zone!

BUT I completed the class! 45 minutes of cardio-based stations! It was bloody hard, I've never sweated so much in my life but at the end, I’m not gonna lie I was buzzing!

I felt so proud and so determined to smash this challenge. Massive shout out to the two trainers in the class Jack and Charlie who were great motivators! You couldn't get away with slacking in these classes. Even bigger shoutout to the general manager Dan. He has had to put up with my breakdowns and endless questions. He has gone the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and is constantly supporting me! He even did my first class with me and talked me through the whole thing which made me feel at ease! So the challenge has now officially started. Day one was a Monday, Monday's for me are always super busy admin days. I need to prepare for the week ahead- I did not attend a class, however I did plan all my meals for the week, created a shopping list and went food shopping, for the first time in a long time.

Because I am so busy I tend to eat out a lot- I figure Jack and I can get the decent meals we need without the time of cooking it - why cook a roast when someone can cook it for you with no washing up to do after. Plus I will admit I am not a very good cook, I try, but it's not my strong point. When I do cook at home I am in the habit of buying food daily from my local Tesco. Costing me a fortune.

This challenge for me is more then just about 'getting fit' it's a chance to change my bad habits. Because of my busy life sometimes I forget to eat all day, I rely far to much on caffeine, I snack on sweets/crisps and I spend a small fortune on eating out or daily shops. This 8 weeks is a chance for me to create a healthier lifestyle for not just me, but my son too.

I am feeling so motivated- I have a programme to follow, healthy food in my fridge, my meals planned and my classes for the week booked. I think is challenge may be the most organised part of my life.

You can follow my journey on Instagram @hannaharmitage and view my highlight ‘F45 challenge’ I will be posting a blog in four weeks to update you on the journey so far! But for now wish me luck.... I need it. Lots of love Hannah xxx