• Hannah Armitage

Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder...

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

In light of the world pandemic, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to post a personal blog reaching out to my followers and readers! You’re probably all bored of seeing the word corona right now so want to reassure you this blog is not about the virus and pandemic its self but about how I’m staying positive in this scary time of our lives. I’m gonna fully admit when coronavirus landed on the press I did not take it seriously! I never imagined it would come to this and fact is right now we are only at the beginning. This is not going to go away overnight. I have seen my social media flooded with fake news and information but let’s be honest it always is! Fake world news and wrong information that we normally ignore. So let’s just ignore it now.  Take advise to the government only and listen to the news, educate ourselves as much as possible.  What’s really upset me is the number of people who are living in fear over this, the anxiety people are feeling. It’s so sad to see my timeline full of people sacred for their families, worries about their businesses panicking about money. Now I want to express I GET IT!!  I’m in the same situation..  although I’m not scared about catching the virus myself I am so worried about my Nan! My Nan is my whole world we speak every single day, I live 2 minutes away from her she is literally my queen!  Although my Nan is fine with no real health problems so is over 70, she has had cancer before, she is vulnerable!  My family and I decided last week my Nan needed to self isolate! She wasn’t happy about this as she loves doing her own shopping, going darts and the local quiz. But she agreed!  I am now getting anything she needs and being the only person she is really coming into contact with. Although my son Jack is not showing any symptoms I decided it was best for him to stay away as he mingles with so many people at school. This has really upset Jack who sees in nana every other day normally. I may not be worried about catching the virus but as I am the one in contact with my Nan I want to take measures to avoid getting it..  I have decided that although I’m not completely self-isolating myself I am going to avoid as much social contact as possible. I won’t be going to the gym, I’ve cancelled blog collaborations and not meeting friends regularly. I will only leave my house when it’s absolutely necessary for supplies if needed!  I’m also worried about how this will affect my business. While marketing services can still run as normal with all this going on and I’m lucky to be able to work at home, my income comes from other small businesses, small businesses that are being really affected by this and have to cut back on outgoings like marketing!  Being a mum I’m worried about how this will affect my son. The government have closed the schools which I think is best. But my son is losing out in his education! He is the first year of secondary school and it’s a whole new world he is still Adjusting to. Of course, I will be making sure he works at home too but I’m gonna be honest I don’t think il be much help to him! Marketing, social media I can do. Algebra, chemistry, geography I can’t do! I feel like I’m gonna be more a hinder than help when it comes to him learning from home... Along with money worries and loneliness, I can confirm I am also absolutely terrified! HOWEVER  I will not let terror and fear control me. I will allow myself to feel these emotions because ignoring them won’t make them go away, but I do want to try and be a positive as I can... So here’s what I’m doing to during this pandemic to try and remain in good spirits. I’m going to use this time to be proactive and get sh*t done! Jobs I’ve wanted to do for so long but my hectic life has stopped me.  * Decorate my house - I’ve lived in my house 8 months now and wanted to decorate since the day I moved in. I’m going to whitewash the whole house and paint feature walls in the living room, my room and jack room! * Clear out - for the last few weeks I have been saying how I need a mass clear out. I have so many clothes and shoes I don’t wear and a whole under the stairs cupboard with stuff that I don’t need to keep. * Organise my life - I am so unorganised, it was my New Years resolution to be more organised and I have got a lot more organised with work my life is still a mess. I’m going to organise my paperwork and letters that are currently piled up in a draw! Organise all my draws that I never touch like the kitchen junk draw, makeup draw, bedside table draws etc.. organise my phone, clear out photos and apps I don’t use. * Write blogs - I always get so busy and neglect my blogging, I have so many posts I want to share that are not finished, so I’m gonna take this time to finish them. Blogging is like a therapy for me, a hobby and I’m so excited to have time to write. You may not wanna blog like me but you may be able to use this time to revisit an old hobby or even start a new one (maybe blogging 😉) * Do things I don’t normally do like read books, read blogs, listen to podcasts, meditate. * Continue to work on my business. I will work as much as can as normal but I’m fully aware my workload is going to get less; therefore I’m going to set goals and plans for my business ready for when this all passes. I am looking at online courses, new services and packages I can put together, new strategies. If you have a business that is affected by this use the time to work on your business behind the scenes and improve the mechanics of it.  * Reach out to family and friends - I don’t know about you but I’m so bad with communication. I either reply straight away or weeks later. I go weeks without talking to people I love. This is common and probably the case for most of us, guilty of letting life take over and living in our own hectic worlds. For me every single person in my life I want to talk to however sometimes I find it hard to keep up. Use this time to phone old friends and family members, send messages to people to check on them, reminiscence on old memories that make you smile and take you back to a better time.  I wrote down all of the above on my whiteboard that I look at every day to remind me that I still have the stuff to get done still have a purpose.  Although it feels like our lives have stopped right now it’s actually just slowed down. We are all guilty of living life at 1000 miles an hour it’s just the way of the world.  Take this time to recoup and revaluate what’s important in life and be grateful for what we do have..  If you have a roof over your head, food (even rations) in your kitchen, running water, your family and friends and most importantly YOUR HEALTH, then you are winning right now!  I’m not saying that being positive is going to solve the real issues we are going to face but It will help us deal with these issues and face them head-on. There is lots of help out there regarding business grants, loans, benefits and more. I have literally been googling different terms and read about 50 different sites so I don't want to advise which ones as they could be providing wrong information so take this time to do some research.  Sending love to every single one of you! Remember to be positive and be safe. Lots of love  Hannah xxx