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My Skin Journey with sk:INSPIRE (pt1)

Our skin is the largest organ on our body, yet to commonly skin care is neglected or not understood. I admit up till now I have never been loyal to a brand or kept to a routine and I am now at the point where I am noticing changes to my skin.

It was time to treat my skin care as a priority.

I am quite lucky because I have never really suffered from 'bad' skin and my personal skin concerns have only really started the last couple of years (since turning 30)

Me on national TV and when I realised my skin needed some TLC

My main concern is losing my GLOW, my skin is very dull with visible blemishes, another concern of mine is the fine lines I have developed around my eyes and on my forehead, They’re not terrible for my age but it's something I am insecure about and think about a lot, especially being in front the camera for photoshoots and Instagram content.

Seeing myself on National TV earlier this year was the turning point for me and when I realised I need to start taking care of my skin.

The Start of my skin journey.

I teamed up with sk:INSPIRE, a clinic who Specialises in facial aesthetics and dermatology treatments, and together we began my skin journey.

My journey started with a consultation at sk:INSPIRE, part of the MK Smiles team located in Brooklands, Milton Keynes.

I went to see Dr Vanisha completely bare faced to discuss my skin condition and concerns and put together a bespoke plan. During my consultation we established I don’t have any skin diseases (e.g acne or pigmentation) and I am not showing any major signs of ageing (WINNING). However, I do have open pores, that comes with ageing as well as some ‘dynamic wrinkles’. Dynamic wrinkles are the lines that come with expression and I am very expressive so the lines show a lot. 

My consultation & before photos

Treatments that I was advised to try are:

- Bespoke home skin care regime using products from OBAGI MEDICAL range.

- Following a few weeks using these products I would go back to sk:INSPIRE for some Botox.

- Course of 4 chemical peel facials.

This blog post is focusing on my experience following a few weeks using my Obagi products and following my daily skin care routine put together for me by Dr Vanisha.

My routine and product list:

1. Exfoliating cleanser to be used morning and evening to remove the days make up and impurities.

2. High-performance serum with 15% L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). This helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a powerful antioxidant and you can use this after cleansing in the morning.

3. Hydrafactor is a non occlusive moisturiser and contains broad spectrum sun protection.

4. Retinol 0.5 is a wonder ingredient which increases cell turnover. It improves skin texture, fine lines and pigmentation. It will cause dryness and peeling so use this initially every 2-3 nights and then build up to nightly as it is tolerated. Must be used in the evenings before Hydrafactor is applied. It’s really important good sun protection is used when using retinol.


Home Diary

I was advised that the first week I would probably experience peeling and breakouts due to my skin reacting to the magic products.

I did suffer slight peeling but if I’m honest it was barely noticeable.  What was noticeable was my breakout!

I’m quite lucky that I don’t really suffer with spots most breakouts are only around the time of my period. However the first week of using these products I had spots pop up everywhere. On my nose, around my chin, my cheeks. It was horrible however I knew they would go and it showed the products were working and drawing out all the hidden dirt under my skin.

Following the first 10 days of using the products and when my break out had cleared up my skin was glowing and felt firmer and tighter.

This was the point my manic busy life took over and some days the routine was neglected. I would always cleanse but some mornings I was rushing around and then some evenings I fell asleep.

As soon as my routine of using the products was neglected I noticed my blemishes were coming back and the glow had gone. This gave me the kick I needed to NOT NEGLECT MY ROUTINE!!

Skin while on my period showing small blemishes/breakout

After a few days following my strict routine again my glow returned and my skin felt great, my make up glided on, I was wearing less make up and could already notice a difference in my selfies.

3 weeks into my skin journey was the real test because this was when my period made an appearance. As I have already mentioned my skin usually suffers huge breakouts this time of the month, but not this month. I did have a tiny breakout of small spots on my chin that were barley noticeable and one mountain of a spot on my cheek.

As soon as my period was over my skin started to glow again and my blemishes and small spots disappeared.

As I write this blog I am 4 week into my home skincare routine and I couldn't be happier with the results so far. My skin texture is the best its been in years. I have that glow back and can see the difference in appearance of fine lines on my eyes and forehead.

Pictured here is my skin the day of this blog post when I had just woken up, before any products of make up was applied, with no filter.

Its now time to start the next phase of my journey. This week I am visiting the Skinspire clinic for my anti wrinkle injections (botox). Followed by a course of chemical peels.

This is the phase i am most looking forward to, I have never had botox but its been something I have been thinking about for along time.

I will be writing another blog following my clinic treatments so keep a lookout!

You can view more of my skin journey so far on my Instagram highlight ‘Skinspire’ I will be updating the highlight over the next few weeks as I document the next phase.


Lots of Love

Hannah xxx

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*disclaimer : This is a gifted collaboration*