• Hannah Armitage

Time for change... Goodbye RADIO, hello IGTV.

Change in any aspect of our lives can be scary, but it can also be fabulous and map out a whole new route for our future.

For me personally i have grown so much as a person in the last few years and so much has changed around me that I have decided to make some changes myself. Let go of something that means so much to me but i know is the right decision.

In 2017 I launched a local radio show called ‘Mum’s Life’.

I was working as a freelance radio presenter at the time and wanted to use my presenting experience to launch my own show. The aim was to bring mums together and give them a voice, raise awareness, discuss the taboo subjects we so often don’t talk about and I believe I achieved all of the above and more! 

My little radio show grew quicker than I could ever have imagined. Within 6 months I was the most listened to show on the station, my social media following started to rapidly grow and i had a waiting list of guests. Then my peak was in 2018 when I won Best radio presenter at the MK Inspiration Awards, voted by the public! This show has just been heart and helped me in ways you can never imagine. When I started it i was in a very bad place and just came out of therapy, this show was like my new therapy.

It may seem dramatic but this show has changed my life, it opened doors for me and gave me opportunities I once dreamed of..

When I first launched the show I had lots of spare time to dedicate to it, however as the shows popularity grew so did I as a person. I continued with the show around all my new commitments and even rebranded in 2019 and brought in co-hosts. But by this time I had two businesses to run, my social media work/collaborations, on top of being a mum and months spent filming for Britain’s Best parent. I was cancelling shows and the shows I did do were not promoted or prepared to the standard I liked. I started to feel like Mums Life had run its course.. 

Then lockdown happened and gave me alot of thinking time, ad during this time i have decided its time for change and that change includes saying goodbye to Mums Life Radio Show.

However, when one door closes another opens! I absolutely love interviewing people and presenting and I didn’t want to give that up.  So during lockdown I have been working on a new project.


Fact is radio was a lot of work and a lot of time, and it also restricted me with regards to guests I could get and topics I could discuss, my show was also called mums life but my life is more than being a mum! My IGTV channel is going to allow me to have various different episodes each week that will be added to the series! The various episodes will all be related to everything I love, beauty, fashion, parenting, live interviews and MUCH MORE! 

I’m on Instagram every day and it’s where my audience is so this change just seemed right! I want to incorporate my love for Instagram and love for presenting to bring you something better my radio show! 

And here are some reasons I believe it will be better... 

  1. My radio show was the same hour every week.. getting guests on the show was so hard with no flexibility and it being within working hours.. 

  2. When people missed the live show they would have to wait days for the podcast to be uploaded...

  3. My guests were restricted to local people. My followers and listeners are all over the UK. I feel this restricted my audience too, I can now have guests LIVE from all over the world! 

  4. If something happened on the day of my show like car breaking, sick child, sick myself I would have to cancel my show completely and then move around guests for the coming weeks! 

  5. I was restricted with what I could say as it was hosted on a licensed radio station. I like to be raw and talk about real life which was hard with so many rules to follow!

I’m so excited and have been working on the format, series and individual episodes for weeks! I will be covering some amazing topics with amazing guests already lined up!

My first episode is this Thursday for my ‘Britains Best Parent series’ join me at 7pm where I will be going live with the winners of the TV show!

Follow me on Instagram @hannaharmitage to keep up with updates on new episodes and to tune in live!!

I would just like to finish this blog by saying a huge thank you to every single person who has been apart of my Mums Life journey! Without you I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today and I will be forever thankful for the support I’ve received over the years! Iv put together some highlights from the show the last three years..

Lots of love

Hannah xxx