'Well where do I start.... THANK YOU doesn’t really cut it. 
Hannah  created something so very special for us as a family and we will treasure it forever. 
Our phones nowadays are rammed full of videos and pictures and when do we ever have the time to print them off and put them into albums? NEVER. 
I wanted something that I could share with Jenson as he got older to show him how amazing our first year together was but I had absolutely no idea how to do it and then I found Hannah. We worked together (mainly Hannah) for 3 months to create this video and she was so understanding of my ‘pickiness’ and listened to everything I wanted and the final thing took my breath away. I actually cry every time I watch it. 
If you’re looking for a 21st century photo album then this lady is the one to do it for you. 
Thank you Hannah for everything... we’ll certainly be back next year and the next, actually we’ll be back for the next 21 years!'

-Memory video created for Lizzie Willison

Hannah has done s few jobs for us at Ever After Beauty & Aesthetics now including graphic design, media & advertising materials! Hannah is fab! Full of energy & ideas and she just GETS what we need! We will be using HA Social for many more jobs in the future! Thanks Hannah 

-Sam Kaz, Ever After Beauty

Hannah was professional and discreet when filming. She totally ‘got’ my business, and produced a fabulous film that represents my brand really well. I’m really pleased with the service and would recommend her to any business looking for promotional videos.

-Sophie (Owner Baby Sensory MK and Mini Professors MK)

‘Ever since I started my Personal Training business Hannah has been a massive help.

When I first qualified as a PT I didn’t know where to start launching my own business.

Hannah shared her business knowledge and guided me the steps I needed to take. Firstly she created by business logo which I loved. She advised what I would like from the logo and Hannah designed me a range of logos for me to choose from and I absolutely loved it! Hannah then designed my marketing material such as business card and magazine advertising graphic and set up my social media pages.

Hannah also had a big part in my business plan, this included price guides, package ideas and marketing campaigns. 

Since launching my business Hannah has been my go to person for social media advise and help with content like promo videos and pictures. She is always promoting and recommending me. She has been a massive support and I couldn’t recommend her enough to new businesses that need some guidance.

I have to mention how affordable she was and how she worked with my budget’

-Katie Gunn, KG FITNESS

Radio Testimonials

'Hannah is a very friendly and professional person who does her utmost to represent herself and the station in the best possible light.

I have worked with Hannah  over the past  year where she has had to communicate ideas and build her brand new show, Mum's Life, completely from scratch.

She has done this with minimal help from the station management, seeking assistance only when absolutely  necessary, and her show is now one of the most listened to at the station.

She always comes over as a confident, reliable and very accomplished presenter.  Her attention to detail during interviews is unsurpassed and

every show she approaches with the same in-depth research, and tries to produce a good radio show as near perfection as possible.

She can be relied upon to give her best in all circumstances and handles pressure situations well, not just technical, but social interaction

when dealing with many, multi-faceted and potentially difficult guests and subjects. She shows great emotional affinity with her guests and gets the most out of them without being too pushy or controversial.

Whatever Hannah does  she  approaches every opportunity with a professional and assured demeanor whilst remaining affable and calm.'

 Mick Bannister, Technical Director Secklow 105.5 FM

'I was invited on to Mum's life in July, to discuss our upcoming boxing event Train Like a Pro and the charity we are associated with, 4Louis.

I also wanted to make the viewers aware that a high percentage of our participants are Mothers and the impact it has on their lives.

I have been on a number of radio stations over the last two years and I have to say, Hannah was the best presenter I have worked with. Her manor, he knowledge and her communication skills were first class and she assisted me in putting our show across perfectly on air. I think the radio station is a brilliant addition to the FM airways and I hope to be invited back onto the show to speak with Hannah again soon.'

Ollie Bessell, Train Like a Pro, Guest on Mum's Life

'I first met Hannah as she was the roving reporter at the Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards where she was hugely supportive of my son winning Best Male Dancer and me winning Best Radio Presenter.  I was struck by her open and friendly nature which makes her a natural radio presenter.  For various reasons I was unable to go on her show initially but once I knew I was re-joining Secklow Sounds as a fellow presenter, she welcomed me onto her show with open arms (and an open mic!) Hannah was so gracious, she created a massive build up for me as her mystery guest and did a big reveal on her show last week.  She is engaging, warm and witty and we did not run out of things to talk about.   She asks all the right questions, is genuinely interested in what you have to say and is hugely supportive of Mums and what makes them tick.  I loved being on the other side of the mic and being her guest and I think that I may be losing my "crown" to her at next years' awards!' 

Nancy Stevens, Award Winning Radio Presener

'I went on the lovely Hannah's show on Thursday 8th June to talk about the Inspirational Awards as my daughter was nominated for young inspirational award. Hannah was so welcoming like I had known her all my life! We spoke a lot before my interview as I wanted to raise awareness about bullying as my daughter (sophie) was bullied for shaving her hair for charity. Hannah was so supportive and still is today! We have become very good friend and I actually wouldn't know what I do without her in my life! She has helped my daughter with her confidence! I didn't actually feel like I was on a radio show, Hannah made me feel so relaxed like we were just meeting for a coffee n catch up! This lady is an inspiration as she works very hard and I would go back on Hannah's show in a heartbeat! Me and sophie are now regular listeners for "mums life"! Hannah talks about real life topics and is so sensitive and caring to each situation!!!'

Lynsey Gurney, Guest on Mum's Life

'Hannah is brilliant at what she does. Not only is her show mums life something I love to listen to every week because she always has amazing content and such interesting guests, but I have also appeared on her show as a guest on several occasions.

I have suffered traumatic events in my life which I have never really spoke out about.  Hannah encouraged me to share my story to help inspire other people. She made me feel so comfortable through it all and was sensitive with the questions she asked.

She is a brilliant radio presenter with brilliant ideas. I love every show she does and thank her for allowing me to gain confidence to talk out.'

Katie Gunn, Guest on Mum's Life 

'I'm truly blown away by Hannah's interviewing skills and her compassion and empathy shown.

I've appeared on Hannah's show twice now and both times Hannah's been sensitive to my story and really touched the listeners with her approach, honesty and sincerity.

Luckily, I was nominated for Inspirational Lady in the MK Inspiration Awards alongside with Local Charity and Hannah was able to talk about Henry's story but also fighting back the tears able to mention the valuable work Henry's Legacy now does.

Extremely professional and a real credit to MK.

Would highly recommend going on the show and being interviewed by a real Mum who cares!'

Dawn Allen, The Henry Allen Trust